Center for English Language Education

Improve Academic English Ability-Develop Leaders with International Impact

Mission Statement:

The Center for English Language Education (CELE) at NU is dedicated to:

Cultivating a Culture-Rich Community that provides

Exceptional English-Learning Experiences to develop

Language Learners and Dynamic Leaders who promote Intercultural

Education, Exchange, and Engagement.


At NU, our goal of culture exchange is a two way process and CELE students are encouraged to both participate in NU culture and to share their culture with the NU community.

Learning is not limited to the classroom. While in the CELE program, students are given opportunities to lead, collaborate, and actively participate in extra-curricular activities.


CELE is a part of Northwest University, an evangelical Christian university. While CELE students do not need to profess a Christian faith, they must agree to live by our lifestyle standards. You can find out more in our Community Handbook. Please review the community standards carefully.


All CELE students are enrolled in the following classes:

  • Speaking & Pronunciation 
  • Writing 
  • Reading & Vocabulary 
  • Grammar
  • Listening


  • Fall (Aug-Dec), 15 weeks
  • Spring (Jan-May), 15 weeks
  • Summer (Jun-Aug), 10 weeks


Students test into level 1, 2, 3, or 4 through iTEP testing upon arrival.

In Advanced Level 3 and Bridge Level 4, students take graded Northwest University courses with CELE support.


Two other Short Term categories of students can study at Northwest University: Visiting Students and Exchange Students. To learn more about each student category, visit our general information page.



Language Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders