General Information

If you are interested in our CELE program and would like more information, please visit: or contact us at:

CELE Student: One of the three student categories you can choose from to study at Northwest University is a CELE student. The CELE program is an intensive English course that can be taken for 1 or 2 semesters.. As a CELE student, you take classes taught by our CELE professors that strengthen your English speaking, reading, listening, writing, and pronunciation skills. Students who pass CELE exit exams have conditional admission into NU.

Exchange Student: Another student category for is an exchange student. As an exchange student, you are integrated with NU students by taking regular NU classes. You are required to take a minimum of 12 credits (approximately four classes). We will help you create a well-balanced schedule that reflects your major and interests while taking into consideration your English proficiency level. All exchange students are required to take 2 CELE classes (6 credits) that will prepare and aid exchange students with their chosen NU classes. Students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 80 to be accepted as an exchange student for 1 or 2 semesters.

Visiting Student: The third student category to choose from is a visiting student. As a visiting student, you spend your first semester as a CELE student and continue onto take regular NU classes for credit in your second semester. Students must have a minimum TEOFL score of 60 to be accepted as a visiting student.

Christian Faith Statement: CELE students are not required to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, however, NU is a Christian university and CELE students are expected to follow the community lifestyle standards and attend chapel with NU students 2 times per week.

Conditional Admission: Students who pass CELE exit exams have conditional academic admission to NU. All NU undergraduate students must have personal faith in Jesus Christ.

TOEFL score: A TOEFL score is not required to enter NU after you complete CELE classes.

Language Placement Exam: After being accepted into CELE, students must schedule an online video or phone interview with one of the CELE teachers to make preliminary class placement. During orientation, all students will take a language placement exam to finalize placement.

Employment: International students at NU are eligible to work up to 20 hrs on campus.

Mail: Students can send and receive mail on campus. Your mailbox information will be given during orientation.

Health: All students are required to purchase health insurance. Health insurance is provided by a separate company, Lewermark Insurance, and prices are subject to change without a notice. Students may provide proof of insurance from their home country prior to arrival on campus if the same coverage is listed.

Transportation: A bus stop is located in front of the NU campus which will take students to Seattle and most places around the area. Visit the King County Metro’s website for more information..

Airport Pickup: CELE provides airport pickup for all incoming CELE students. Schedule an airport pickup through the CELE office as soon as you have finalized your flight details.

Safety: NU is a very safe campus in Kirkland, a low-crime suburb of Seattle.

Climate: Seattle is known for it’s rain, but there are also beautiful sunny days in the summer and fall. Winter is cool and rainy, but snow is unusual. Summer is warm, with a mix of sun and rain.


There is A LOT to do for fun in Seattle, just a short bus ride from the NU Campus. Kirkland is a sophisticated, artistic city with delicious restaurants, waterfront parks, and many ways to relax and have fun.