Meet the International Studies Team

Dr. Autumn Witt, Director and Associate Provost for International Students

Autumn spent 3 years teaching English and training teachers in northern Japan before coming back to the U.S. to teach E.S.L. at universities. Autumn completed her M.A. in English Linguistics and her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition.



Li Lowry, Director of International Student Services

Li has lived all around the world, and has assisted international students in New Zealand, the U.K., and now here in Seattle. She is an expert at student immigration counseling and can answer all your questions.



Kristen Ross, Assistant Director for Short Term Programs

Kristen has an enthusiasm for culture, diversity, and education. She received her M.A. in International Community Development and has spent time living in Vietnam and Thailand. She is passionate about connecting with international students from around the world and providing engaging short term programs that meet each group’s unique goals.


Daniel DeWhitt, Senior International Student Advisor

Daniel has lived and taught English in 5 different countries. After finishing his M.A. in TESOL, he came to Northwest University. He has a passion for international education and enjoys spending time with students.



Gabi Dobies, CELE Program Coordinator

Gabi is passionate about education to facilitate cultural exchange and engage in new perspectives, and she has her M.A. in International Community Development. She will help you feel welcomed and supported in the CELE program and on NU’s campus.



Nick Greenlee, International Admission Counselor

Nick completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Intercultural Studies at Northwest University. He enjoys learning about language, cultural awareness, and global education. Nick’s goal is to provide individualized service to each international student as they strive toward their educational goals.


Dr. Julie Moon, CELE Lead Teacher

Julie has learned the importance of teachers having a multicultural understanding of their diverse students through her various teaching experiences in Korea and the U.S. Julie completed her M.A. in TESOL and her Ph.D. in Multicultural Special Education.