Meet the Teachers


Autumn loves being an English teacher because it has allowed her to meet students from all over the world. She spent 3 years teaching English and training teachers in northern Japan. In the U.S. she has had the opportunity to teach students from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Korea, Japan and China, and the UAE, Iran & Saudi Arabia. Autumn completed her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (Univ. of Arizona, 2010) with a focus on language assessment and program administration.

Gabi Dobies, Program Coordinator

Dr. Julie Moon

Amy Kamm

Nikki Beckenhauer

Melissa Lucas

Cara Meredith

Support Staff
Our caring support staff members are experienced with international student admissions and are eager to make that transition go smoothly.

International Student Services, Director:  Li Lowry

International Student Services Specialist: Daniel DeWhitt