Student Resources

On Campus

Library: Librarians will help you navigate the resources housed in the DV Hurst Library as well as those available online.

Computer Labs :There are 3 major computer labs and multiple computer workstations on campus for students’ use.

Writing Center: Students can visit the Writing Center to get help with their academic work.

Fitness Center: A wide-range of weight training and cardio machines are available for students to use to stay physically fit, free with NU Student ID card.

The Aerie Coffee Shop: The Aerie is a popular place to eat, study, and meet with friends on campus.

TheCaf: Most students eat in the on campus cafeteria. Meal plans can be purchased if students live off-campus. A meal plan is included in the price of on-campus housing. There are many healthy and delicious food & drink options available at all meal times.


Banks: Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo




Chinese (San Francisco)


DMV (if you would like to get a driver’s license)



Metropolitan Market:   Food within walking distance

Bartell Drug Store: Pharmacy within walking distance

Target:   Food, clothes, school supplies

Costco:  Food in BULK quantity, clothes

Safeway:  Grocery Store

HMart:  Korean Market

Uwajimaya: Japanese Market

Bellevue Square Mall

Seattle Premium Outlets