Financial Aid and Billing

The tuition and room and board for study abroad programs are billed through the NU Student Accounts Office. The following are financial aid guidelines, but students must meet with student accounts to see how their personal financial aid package transfers to their desired study abroad program.

For degree programs/majors that require a Study Abroad component:

Students are eligible for NU financial aid (with the exception of student participatory awards which can be approved at the discretion of the appropriate program director) plus endowed, federal, and state financial aid.

Students are charged standard NU tuition and a $500 study abroad fee. If the particular Study Abroad program costs more than NU tuition, the student is responsible to pay the difference.

For Study Abroad taken for personal enrichment:

Students are often eligible for federal and state financial aid, plus any endowed award pending scholarship parameters. Presidential scholarships and some types of NU financial aid do not apply for personal enrichment attendees.

Students are charged standard NU tuition and a $500 study abroad fee.

Programs taken independently, and then credits are transferred:

No State or NU financial aid will be applied.

Students must begin this process early to get the necessary approval.

Summer Programs:

For most students, financial aid is calculated based on two semesters of school per year. Due to government policies on how financial aid is awarded, if you hope to use financial aid for a study abroad program in the summer, notify the NU financial aid office a year in advance and work closely with them allow the way to reserve some Spring financial aid for your Summer plans