Online Student FAQs

NU Online Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Accessing My Course
  2. Early Accces to a Course
  3. When do I log in?
  4. Attendance
  5. NU Online App
  6. Textbooks
  7. Registration Change: Add, Drop, Cancel, Withdraw
  8. Due Dates
  9. Quizzes
  10. Late Work Policy
  11. Tutoring and Paper Revisions
  12. Request an Incomplete
  13. Turnitin
  14. Rubrics
  15. Kindle

1. When will I be able to access my course?

Courses are accessible and viewable to students one week in advance of the course start date. This allows students to look ahead at reading and assignments, planning accordingly. Assignments may not be submitted until the official course start date.

2. Can I get into my course early?

NU Online courses are in a 7 (undergraduate) or 8 week (graduate) accelerated format. It is for this reason that you should plan taking an NU Online course to fit with your personal schedule. If you have travels planned or other events that will inhibit your ability to be active in the course within the time period it is offered, consider taking a course during a different session.

Courses are only accessible and viewable to students one week in advance of the course start date. This allows students to look ahead at reading and assignments, planning accordingly. You can prepare by performing the readings, and create the discussions initial post and Applied Learning Activity (ALA) off line so they are ready to upload on Sunday after midnight when the course starts. Assignments may not be submitted until the official course start date.  At that time, you will have access to the entire course (all weeks, all assignments) and be able to work ahead. You can access the course anywhere that there is an Internet connection.  Taking the quiz and answering the discussion (is equivalent to attending class to add to the community) sometime within that first week is critical.  You will see the due date when the course opens.

3. When should I login to my NU Online Course?

NU Online courses are asynchronous, meaning that they can be completed individually by students in a self-paced manner. There are no times when the professor and students meet in the online platform at the same time.

Log in at your convenience, following the specified due dates and being aware of the NU Online Late Policies.

Make sure to log in and work on course work frequently. A long hiatus between logging in will alert the professor and administration of non-participation.

4. Attendance

Attendance is recorded during the first week of class.

Attendance will be noted based on whether or not a student has completed an academic event, which includes any one activity in Week 1: a Quiz, a Discussion post, or an Applied Learning Activity. Thereinafter, make sure to log in and work on coursework frequently. Two weeks of not logging in or completing course work will alert the professor and administration for the need to administratively withdraw you from the course.

5. NU Online App

Yes, NU Online has an app! Search “NEO LMS”, available in both GooglePlay and iTunes.

Communicate with your professors and classmates, or check your assignments, all on the go

6. Textbooks

When can I order my textbooks?

Generally, textbooks are available for viewing on MyTextbooks 60 days before the course starts.

If you are registered for a course, you will be able to view your textbooks directly on MyProfile after signing into Eagle.

What if I registered late and haven’t received my textbook and would like an extension on assignments?

If you purchased the text from Amazon, check to see if there is an electronic version of the book. Many textbooks have free access to the electronic version for 7 days.

Please note: It is NU Online Policy that no late submissions are allowed (The only exception: the first week will allow late submission of Discussions or Quizzes to facilitate those who add the course within the first three days of the start date of a course).

For all assignments after this point, students must communicate with their professors to request for late work.


It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines for class assignments. Grades for each late assignment submitted may be penalized up to 20%. It is up to the instructor whether or not they will accept late work.

7. Registration Change: Add, Drop, Cancel, Withdraw

If you would like to add, drop, cancel registration of, or withdraw from a course, please do the following:

  1. Download and PRINT the Request Registration Change Form
  2. Fill out the form by hand
  3. Scan or Take a picture of the form and send to

Adding Classes:

Due to the accelerated nature of our courses, students should register for their classes at least one week prior to the first class session, which allows students time to address textbook readings and assignments prior to the first class sessions.

Cancellation of Registration:

Students who register for classes but decide not to attend must immediately notify the Registrar and submit a Cancellation of Registration request before the first day of class.

Dropping Classes:

Students must drop a course within six days of the first class session. Forms received after this deadline will be considered as a Course Withdrawal.


We advise all non-participating students to withdraw from their class in order to avoid a failing grade on their transcript. Please do so before the last day of class.

8. Due Dates 

Review your course in NU Online for specific due dates. They may vary with each class.

Typically, assignments are due as follows:

  • Weeks 1-6 (and 7 for graduate students):
  • Learning Quiz: Thursday
  • Initial Discussion Post: Thursday
  • Response Posts: Saturday
  • Applied Learning Activity: Sunday
  • Week 7 (8 for graduate students):
  • Summative Project: Sunday (11:55 PM)

9. Quizzes

What if I have technical difficulties with a quiz and need to retake it?

It is NU Online policy that quizzes cannot be submitted late. There is a practice learning quiz to get familiar with some of the questions. Additionally, you may make two attempts at your learning quiz.

Assure that you have a strong connection to the internet before attempting the quiz.

If for some reason you have technical difficulties and are not able to complete a quiz, please email your professor immediately, state the issues and any important details, and your professor will work with you to provide the appropriate solution, including resetting a quiz so you can retake it.

What if a quiz question is in error?

If you believe you found an error in a quiz question, send an email to your professor. Please include as much information as possible to help your instructor investigate: the week of the quiz, the question(s) in error, and what you believe the correct question or answer might be.

10. What is NU policy on submitting late work?

It is NU Online policy that no late submissions are allowed, and assignments on NU Online are setup accordingly. However, in extenuating circumstances (for example medical emergencies, a death in the family, etc.), instructors may choose to allow a student to submit an assignment late. Please assure that you submit your request to your professor via email and that you are clear as to the new, agreed upon submission deadline.


It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines for class assignments. Grades for each late assignment submitted may be penalized up to 20%. It is up to the instructor whether or not they will accept late work.

11. How can I request an Incomplete?

Request an incomplete by contacting your professor directly. Please note the strict incomplete policy below.

Incomplete Policy:

  1. An “Incomplete” grade should not be given if the reason for assignments not completed is due to lack of student planning and self-discipline, or if students have done little or no work for the course. A student may request an Incomplete grade for reasons of illness or emergency.
  2. A written request for an Incomplete must be submitted by the student to the professor prior to the last class session. A course withdrawal is not an option at this point.
  3. The Incomplete must be completed by the end of the fourth week of the following course session (whether or not the student is enrolled in that session). In the interim time period, the grade of “I/Grade Default” will be posted on the student’s transcript. At the conclusion of the four week time period, the grade will be updated by the professor or convert to the current grade reported by the professor.
  4. Both F’s and Incompletes may affect the student’s ability to succeed in their next class as well as continued financial aid eligibility. It is important for students to complete all course requirements.

12. Tutoring Services and Paper Revisions

As a student you have free 24-hour access to Smarthinking, an online tutoring service that drives student success.

Go to Smarthinking > Login with your NU Online login information and you have access to:

  • Writing Center
  • Work with a Tutor
  • Submit a Question
  • Study Aids

Supported topics include (but not limited to): Mathematics, Writing, Business, Sciences, Information Technology, Psychology, Sociology.

13. Turnitin

What should I do if I am having difficulty submitting Turnitin assignments?

Turnitin assignments allow for up to 3 submissions before the due date. If you have already submitted at least once before the due date, and the due date has passed, you will not be allowed to submit again.

In extenuating circumstances, contact your professor, and they will work directly with you to resolve the issue.

What file types are allowed on turnitin?

Turnitin accepts many file types, but Turnitin only opens up and processes specific file types within Feedback Studio.

Accepted file types include the following:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), Google Docs (submitted via the Google Drive submission option), plain text files

If you are a Mac user, writing your paper through Pages, save your file as a PDF before uploading the assignment.

14. Rubrics: Where can I view the rubric for an assignment?

Before completing an assignment, you can view the rubric to better understand the expectations for the assignment. Within the assignment, choose the “Rubric” tab at the top.

15. Kindle pages: What if I have a kindle version of my textbook?

Kindle: Here is a brief article with information about page numbers in Kindle books.

Students who have a Kindle 3 or later, should be able to click on the Menu button, open up Menu View, and see if the book has real page numbers (lower left-hand side of the screen). From there, they should be able to go directly to the page by clicking on “Page” and entering the page needed.