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All business majors are required to apply for entrance to the major during the second semester of their sophomore year (or their first semester as a transfer junior).  You will not be able to register for junior-and senior-level business courses until you have applied for admission. 


The International Business Tour  2017

The Center of Business and Culture tour to China May 8th – 18th 2017

TRAVEL to Beijing and Zhengzhou, two of the most beautiful cities in the world, for a unique cross-cultural experience.

SEE the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace and other unique cultural sites.

LEARN the dynamics of international business with Professors Tom Sill and Todd Nelson as you visit local and global companies.  Local leaders will lecture on culture, history and politics. 

EARN up to 6 credits!  Sign up for BUSM 4123 (International Business) and a related Business elective course in Spring semester.

Click on the International Experience link (to the right) for Registration Form



Internships offer hands-on experience in a business setting, they help to develop the skills needed to be successful in a future career, and they provide networking opportunities.  They also make a resume more appealing to employers when applying for jobs after college. If you have questions or need help finding an internship, putting together a resume or preparing for an interview; contact Levi Davenport at


5-year BA/MBA program

Interested in the 5-year BA/MBA program?  Please click here:

Five-Year Accelerated Program Overview