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Directions to Campus

If you are in need of directions to our campus, click here.

Technology Orientation

Click on the link below to access a tutorial regarding technology resources at Northwest University.

Library Resources

The NU Library has started a subscription to the New York Times which includes free access to and NYTimes iPad and Android apps for all current students, faculty, and staff.

  • Visit and create an account with you NU email address to get your pass!  You will need to visit the above link each year to claim a new annual pass.
  • Need help signing up? Click here for a tutorial on how to sign up.


For information on how to forward your NU email to your personal email account, click here.


The College of Ministry is filled with wonderful professors who are committed to growing their students with each class. To see a list of the faculty, click here.

Graduate Catalog

2017-2018 Catalog, click here.

Graduate Programs

College of Ministry Graduate Programs, click here.


Graduation applications should be submitted 1 year prior to the expected graduation date. Once the graduation application has been submitted, a graduation audit will be conducted which will inform the applicant of the classes still needed in order to graduate. Students and advisers should be confident that all course work and graduation requirements can be completed by the summer graduation date in August. The graduation application can be found below, under “Student Forms.”

Institutional Review Board

Doing a research project that requires human participation? Check out the IRB to see if your project needs to be reviewed.


Below are two links; one to the main campus and one to the surrounding area, including the 6710 Building. Most classes for Theology and Culture and Missional Leadership are held in the 6710 Building – 6710 108th Ave NE, just North of the campus, across the street from Starbucks.

NU Counseling Center

The Northwest University Counseling Center offers mental health counseling services to NU students. For further information, please call Counseling Services at 425/889.5282

Parking Permits

Vehicle registration must be completed for Grad student vehicles each semester of enrollment. COM-Grad students will be given a complimentary parking pass the first class of each semester.

Printing Information

Your Student Printing Balance works as a debit system that carries over from term to term. Before you can print, though, you’ll need to add pages to it in one of three ways:

Cash: visit the library or the cashier’s office (in the Davis Building).

Credit Card: visit the cashier’s office (minimum purchase of 250 pages ($10))

Student Account: Go to the Student Printing Balance page on the Eagle Website to purchase pages using your NU student account.

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