College of Arts and Sciences – History

About Us

Here at Northwest, we are proud to offer a History major that moves beyond names and dates, instead providing a space for students to become edified through careful and passionate interaction with the story of the past. We work to give voices to the forgotten, to provide context for both tragedy and triumph, and to reject the secular narrative of the past that loses sight of the divine fabric of the historical tapestry.

In this major, students will not just learn about the past, but become experts in thinking critically, communicating effectively, and applying their knowledge and skills broadly.

Think Critically

Students will learn how to critically read and analyze a wide variety of sources. These will include not just texts, but audio and visual sources as well. Achieving this core value of critical thinking also means that we move beyond a western perspective, including a wide variety of regions and cultures in our understanding of the past.

Communicate Effectively

Students will become expert communicators, both through writing and speaking. This is one of our core values, as an understanding of information without the ability to communicate that understanding is of limited use. Therefore, there is a constant emphasis in our program not just of effective writing practices and formal presentation skills, but also of communicating in simple and conversational language about their analysis and conclusions.

Apply Broadly

Students graduating from our program will be well-suited for a wide variety of callings because throughout their time with us, they will be continually challenged to not just learn, think, or communicate, but to apply themselves as well. Just as we seek to avoid learning without thinking, or thinking without communicating, so to do we seek to avoid the trap of having skills but not knowing how to use them. To that end, we constantly move beyond the classroom both in our activities and coursework, and encourage our students to take internships and other career-development opportunities throughout their time at Northwest.