7-Week Format Information

Our 7-week course format (2-Session Semesters) will begin in Fall 2015.  Below are links to information that will help you understand what to expect in this format.

One Day a Week – Click to learn about the broader options for those who attend classes only one day each week

Night Classes – Click to learn about the expanded options for those who attend classes only at night

Ministerial Credentialing Classes Schedule – Click to learn about completing the classes required for ministerial credentialing with the Assemblies of God/earning the Certificate of Ministry Leadership (CML) – in just one day per week

Summary of 7-week Model – Click to learn more about the new format for classes, why we are changing to this new format, the benefits students can experience, and the ways Northwest University Salem Campus is supporting students during the transition

Sample Class Schedule FA15 – Click to see an idea of what the class schedule will look like (this is a tentative schedule; an official schedule will be released by late March)

Sample Calendar FA15 – Click to see the prep week, beginning, and ending dates for each session in the Fall semester of 2015