Internship Credits

Students in the Associate of Ministry Leadership or Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree programs may qualify to earn 3 internship credits tuition free during one more semesters.  This internship is set up by the student in cooperation with an on-site ministry supervisor, pending approval from Dr. Lamm Bray.

To set up the internship, the student needs to:

  1. Begin work on the Personal Development Plan (PDP), using this template: Personal-Development-Plan
  2. Review the NU Salem Campus Ministry Internship Guidelines 0716 and secure a commitment from an appropriately experienced on-site supervisor who agrees to the Internship Guidelines
  3. With your on-site supervisor, review your PDP and then edit the NU Salem Practicum Syllabus Template 0716 to include the specific assignments and learning activities you will complete as fulfill your PDP.
  4. Submit the completed and signed Guidelines and Syllabus to Dr. Lamm Bray for approval BY THE END OF WEEK 1 OF THE SEMESTER.
  5. By WEEK 2 OF THE SEMESTER, begin learning activities within the internship, completing the assignments in the syllabus on time throughout the semester (16 WEEKS).

Students will utilize a weekly internship journal to reflect upon their learning experiences throughout the internship: Weekly-Internship-Journal.

Deadlines listed above are non-negotiable.  Contact Dr. Lamm Bray with your questions about the internship credits.