JET Program Coming to NU!

Interested in living and working in Japan after graduation?
The JET Program, sponsored by the Japanese government, specifically recruits English language teachers to work in local schools.  Teaching experience is not required (though helpful)!  If you want an adventure and experience in cross-cultural communication, this could be it!

Find out more at two different sessions:

  • Thursday, October 12th
    11:00am-1:30pm / Info Table in the Caf
    2:30-3:30pm / Info Session in Rice 3

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Suzan Kobashigawa (suzan.kobashigawa@) for more information.

Information about the JET Program

  • Salary is 3.36 million Yen (approximately $29,000)
  • RT Airfare provided
  • Health Insurance provided
  • Strong support network
  • Pre-Departure Training
  • Positions are for Assistant Language Teachers who work with a Japanese Teacher of English
  • Any major may apply
  • Japanese Language not required (although helpful!)
  • JET Alums go on to various careers including computer game development, medicine, law, business, education, political science, and ministry.
  • JET Alums at NU: Autumn Witt, Jacob Witt, Joseph McQueen