Advising FAQ

How do I know what major I want? How do I register? What classes do I need to take? Am I on track for graduation?

Advisors at Northwest are committed to helping you make the most of your academic experience and helping you find a major and course schedules that best suit your passions and interests. Your advisor is an important part of your educational experience at Northwest.

Here are some important benefits of your advisor:

  • Your advisor can help you understand what concentrations, majors, and minors are available.
  • He or she can help you make sure that you take the right courses when they are offered.
  • He or she can help you understand the degree requirements for your major.
  • Your advisor knows the schedule well and can help you develop a class schedule that works for you.

Advisor Appointments:

New / Reentry Students
As a new / reentry student, you will work with a New Student Advisor to choose a schedule for your first semester.

Contact the Academic Success and Advising Office set up an appointment with a New Student Advisor.
Local: 425.889.5227
Toll-Free: 1.800.669.3781

Continuing Students
Be sure to check your Eagle Self-Service account for your Faculty Advisor Assignment. If you are undeclared or would like to make changes to your major or advisor, please contact the registrar’s office @ 425.889.5228.

How to Register

Follow these simple steps:

    1. Complete Pre-Registration.
      Go to and log in. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    2. Meet with an advisor to plan your course schedule.
      Don’t know who your advisor is? See above (“Advisor Apppointments”)  to find out.
    3. Register for classes online.

Click here to download step-by-step instructions for pre-registration and online registration