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What are Life Groups?

As a part of the Campus Ministry Department, Life Groups help cultivate a spiritually vital community and foster spiritual formation within each member. We develop this through relational gatherings focused on spiritually formative content.

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Fall 2018 Life Groups Directory

Life Group: Nursing/Commuter Life Group

Leader: Amber Forgey

Contact Information: l 425-533-6183

Location and Time: HSC Nursing Lounge l Thursday at 12:10 pm

Book: Jesus Following

Group Restrictions: Students in the Nursing Program

Group Description: To provide a space for our Nursing friends to study the Scriptures and refocus minds towards God.

Life Group: Stewardship in the Bible

Leader: Austin Johnson

Contact Information: l 503-689-0345

Location and Time: Saturdays at Apartment A201 (Time varies between meetings)

Book: Genesis

Group Description: To help people realize our original intentions in creation, while learning how to sustainably live 0i11n1 His creation.

Life Group: Improv Life Group

Leader: Kathryn Orr

Contact Information: l 425-281-7158

Location and Time: Millard Theater l Thursday at 6:30 pm

Book: A Comedians Guide to Theology

Group Restrictions: Improv Team

Group Description: This life group exists to provide a safe space for the improvers to discuss their faith and how it relates to improv.

Life Group Name: The Honey Bees

Leader: Kirsten Philpott

Contact Information: l 360-318-4266

Location and Time: Beatty 7110, Wednesdays at 9pm

Group Description: To encourage women in their confidence in Christ and journey through the Bible together in a small group setting.

Book: The Bible

Life Group Name: Brotherhood Life Group

Leader: Dustin Titus

Contact Information: l 831-247-5159

Group Description: Every Sunday night, guys from the brotherhood floor will meet for a bible study.

Location and Time: Brotherhood Lounge @ 9:50 pm every Sunday

Book: Romans

Life Group Name: Beatty 200 Life Group

Leader: Hannah Yelas

Contact Information: l 541-602-9826

Group Description: This life group is about creating a time and a space for my girls to grow in love with the Lord together, and to encourage one another to follow him.

Location and Time: Beatty 200 Room #7210

Book: Psalms

Life Group Name: B101 and the Bible

Leader: Andrea Ueland

Contact Information: l 253-514-2571

Group Description: A place to foster fruitful discussion, in-depth reading of scripture, sharing of individual stories and an increased trust and intimacy among the girls in our apartment.

Location and Time: Apartment B101 l Sundays at 6 PM.

Group Restrictions: Girls of B101

Life Group Name: Gray 400 Life Group

Leader: Andrew Robertson

Contact Information: (559) 646-4661 l

Group Description: This life group will focus on Gods intentions for love, sex, and marriage. This life group will seek to navigate the murky waters of postmodern relationships.

Location and Time: Gray 400 lounge 8pm every Sunday

Book: Loveology by John Mark Comer

Life Group Name: Jungle Babes 500

Leader: Ciara Duncan

Contact Information: 916-317-5961 l

Group Description: This life group is for the Crowder 500 Jungle Babes to grow deep together in our relationships with Christ.

Location and Time: Tuesday Night 8pm l Crowder 500 Lounge

Book: The Bible

Life Group Name: 2 Hunny Life Group

Leader: Macray Jerome

Contact info: l 4258774567

Group description: 2 Hunny life group is a life group for the men of the Jungle. Lets love God together, ya?

Location and time: Perks 200. Macray’s Room. l Thursday’s at 9.

Book: Garden City by John Mark Comer

Life Group Name: Ladies of Crowder 600

Leader: Aliya Shepard

Contact Information: 253-509-4452 l Aliya.shepard

Group Description: This will be a time to fellowship as a floor, get to know each other, and support each other.

Location and Time: Crowder 600 lounge l Mondays at 7pm

Book: TBD

Life Group Name: Men of the Den

Leader: Hunter Hadfield

Contact Information: l 360-319-2032

Group Description: We will be doing studies straight out of the bible with an emphasis of changing the way we live because of what we learn.  We will be serving through the local missions department and practicing various aspects of discipline in our daily lives.

Location and Time: Perks 300 Room #4309 l Sundays at 10.

Book: The Bible

Life Group Name: NU Men’s XC / Track and Field Bible Study

Leader: David Walling

Contact Information: l 509-899-4597

Group Description: This group will cover various topics through the Bible, including our purpose / motivation, emphasis on restoration and development and finally how to overcome and conquer fear.

Group Restrictions: Members of the Men’s XC/Track Teams

Location and Time: Community Room l Thursday at 7:15

Book: The Bible

Life Group Name: Women’s Soccer Life Group

Leader: Winter Wirkkala

Contact Information: l 360-348-2577

Group Description: This Life Group is going to be taking chapters out of Judah Smith’s book, “How is Your Soul” and discuss the ideas portrayed and how we can relate them to our own life. Along with talking about our week and praying for one another and our team/school.

Group Restrictions: Members of the Women’s Soccer Team

Location and Time: Barton Building – Sports Team Room l Wednesdays at 6.

Book: How’s your Soul by Judah Smith

Life Group Name: Men’s Soccer Life Group

Leader: Earl Bach

Contact Information: l 406-871-0432

Group Description: This group exists to increase the knowledge, wisdom and love of God’s Word for the men’s soccer team by going through the book of Ecclesiastes.

Group Restrictions: Members of the Men’s Soccer Team

Location and Time: TBD

Book: Ecclesiastes

Life Group Name: Oasis

Leader: Morgan McIntosh

Contact Information: l 425-361-3299

Group Description: To come together as women and read the Word alongside the Armor of God Devotional, while being encouragers and supporters of one another.

Group Restriction: Women Only.

Location and Time: Apartment D101 l Wednesdays at 7

Book: Armor of God / Bible

Life Group Name: Gray 500

Leader: Sam Welch

Contact Information: l (509) 855-3631

Group Description: The men of Gray 500.

Location and Time: Gray 500 Lounge l Sundays at 9 PM.

Book: Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller

Life Group name: NU Volleyball

Leader name: Brooke Riddle

Group description: This group is designed to allow God to remain the core of who we are as a team. We will be going through a book/book in the bible, studying it together and creating a space to cultivate conversation that grows us together on and off the court.

Group Restrictions: Girls Volleyball Team

Location & time: Friday or Saturday – depending on if we are home or away.

Book: Bible

Life Group Name: NU Woman’s Basketball

Leader: Jessalyn Henry

Contact Info:  (206) 370-4073

Group Description:  As a basketball team we are committing to intentional time to encourage and pray for each other. We have set times to pray for each other as well as encourage each other.  We choose to engage in fellowship together and discuss the characteristics of Christian athletes.

Book: “They Call Me Coach” by Jack Tobin.

Life Group Name: Men of Gray 600

Leader: Caleb Bonner

Contact Information: l 425-344-9790

Group Description: We will be studying the book of James and talking about walking out our faith through actions.

Location and Time: Gray 600 Lounge- Wednesday’s at 9:00PM

Book: James

Life Group name: Guy 200

Leader: Eryn Heller

Contact information:

Group description: We will be going back to the basics of learning what it is like to have faith like a child. Reading faith based children books and discussing simple concepts that we can sometimes look over as we are studying deep theology in school. I want to provide a time to just go back to the basics of remembering what it is like to have a childlike faith

Location and time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm in Room 5209

Books: Faith-Based Children’s Novels

Life Group Name: Debate Life Group

Leader: Tyler Whitney

Contact Information: l 541-598-5651

Group Description: The goal of this life group is to discuss and engage the academic side of faith, while engaging how we as students should operate morally in the political world we find ourselves in.

Location and Time: HSC 111- Fridays at 5

Book: Corinthians

Life Group Name: Becoming in B205

Leader: Brittany Basso, Gabrielle Neufeld, Susanna Kind, Alleigha Bizik

Contact: or

Restrictions: Ladies Only

Location and Time: Apartment B205 at 8 AM.

Description: The purpose of our life group is to walk through the journey of becoming steadfast followers of Christ alongside one another. We are a Christ-centered community who prays, reads the Bible, shares life in trusting vulnerability and enjoys peace-filled mornings with coffee/tea together. We hope to know and love Christ and each other well. We will be reading through Romans so feel free to come by any week if you aren’t able to join us consistently.

Life Group Name: “Life with the Sisterhood”

Leader: Jane Cooksley

Group Description: I will be opening my room one evening a week as a space for stories, prayer, and rest. We will be reading through Shauna Niequist’s Cold Tangerines, sharing our prayers and praises, and filling up on hot tea and encouragement.

Contact Information: 253-753-3026,

Location and Time: Jane’s room, Wednesday nights @ 9:00pm

Book: Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist

Life Group Name: Education Cohort 2018

Leader: Laura Olson

Contact Information: l 253-677-7094

Group Description: To connect on a deeper level with our cohort through “Morning and Evening.”

Location and Time: Rice Lounge l 8 PM

Book: Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

Life Group Name: Eagle Ball

Leader: Nanea Tali

Contact Information: l 907-891-0177

Group Description: To grow together as a team by reading through the Bible and applying it to our lives.

Location and Time: Before/After Practice at Practice Location

Book: The Bible

Life Group Name: Chinese Bible Study

Leader: Zhaocong Fan

Contact Information:

Group Description: To help Chinese students at NU to learn more about God, and develop their relationship with Him.

Location and Time: H105 l Monday at 4 PM.

Book: The Bible l Genesis, Exodus, Gospel

Life Group Name: SisterHOOD

Leader: Aleena Lysikova

Contact Information: l 360-961-8348

Group Description: Floor life group because we are a family.

Location and Time: Aleena’s Room l 9 PM

Book: Uninvited and James

Life Group Name: Ladies of Beatty 300

Leader: Taylor Murray

Group description: A place for the girls on Beatty 300 to know God better by studying Psalms, and know one another better by sharing their stories.

Book: Psalms

Location and time: Beatty 7310 l  Wednesdays at 9:10 pm

Life Group Name: Morning Commuters

Leader: Isabel Kenney

Contact Information: l 425-435-3412

Group Description: To create an opportunity for commuters to meet early in the morning and fellowship with another.

Book: Romans

Location and Time: Williams/Ness Building Lobby l Mondays at 7.

Life Group Name: One For All

Leader: Calvin Dall

Contact Information:

Location and Time: Apartment B206, Mondays @6:30pm

Book: Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices

Group Description: We will be using the book as a jumping off point for a discussion about the holistic nature of God’s world, where we stand it, how we presently to impact it through all aspects of society, and how we plan to interact with it going forward in accordance with biblical virtues.

Life Group Name: Women’s Track and Field

Leader: Emily Campbell

Contact Information:

Book: The Bible

Location and Time: Thursday’s at Mark Mandi’s

Group Description: This life group focuses on growing in our faith as a team and studying the Bible to help us become better athletes and better people.

Life Group Name: Enough

Leader: Susanna Walker

Contact Info: l 719-425-7231

Group Description: We will be walking through a book by Lysa Terkeurst about being lonely and feeling like we are not enough. We will be reading and discussing during life group time how this applies to our lives.

Book: Uninvited By Lysa Terkeurst

Life Group Name: Devo’s and Coffee

Leader: Sarah Davis

Contact Info:

Location and Time: Tuesdays at 6pm

Book: Various nursing devotionals or ‘Book of Praise’

Group Description: Fellow medical majors (ie. pre-med, nursing etc.) who have come for a break, fellowship and some coffee!

Life Group Name: Our Identity in Christ

Leader: Tyler Boomsauce Zeckmeister

Contact Info:

Location and Time: HSC l Wednesday’s at 6:30

Book: Hebrews/Colossians

Group Description: To help guys know who we are called to be in Christ.