Local Missions


The Local Missions Department is about reaching out in relationship to people of every status in order to spread the name of Jesus Christ to the greater Seattle area.

Got fresh ideas about how to reach out to our community? Start something! Contact Sam Absten at localmissions@northwestu.edu.



We are people who see the value of every human life and have a specific passion to shed light on the issue of sex trafficking. Through education, prayer, and action, our goal is to have a greater understanding that fighting human trafficking is not just a problem somewhere else, but one that we can do locally. We will use our God-given strengths, passion, and love to illuminate one of the darkest industries in existence. Join us!

Lighthouse: Meets at 6PM in Pecota Student Lounge

We are an ordinary group of students with an extraordinary desire to share the love of Christ with others. We come together as a community to reach out to the homeless of Seattle and anyone else we may encounter on our journey to and back from downtown Seattle. While evangelism can be an intimidating endeavor, we learn together how to be a light that shines in the darkness. 

Questions? Contact amanda.giron14@northwestu.edu