The Mentorship Program helps foster spiritual formation for Northwest University students on personal and relational levels. Mentors help students form in one or more of the following areas:

  • Life Guidance
  • Spiritual Development
  • Faith in the Workplace
  • Vocational Ministry
  • Leadership Development

The following directory is a list of staff and faculty members of the Northwest University community who have made themselves available to be mentors.

To find a mentor, email an available mentor from the directory (available soon).


  • Mentorship is done between a Staff / Faculty and a student(s).
  • Female students meet with female staff and faculty; male students meet with male staff and faculty.
  • The mentor and student work together to decide what the mentorship will consist of (frequency, area of focus, location, goals, etc.).
  • The highly recommended time is once every two to three weeks.
  • Mentor relationships are designed for the duration of the semester but are encouraged for the entire school year.

Are you a staff and faculty member and interested in being a mentor? EmailĀ