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NU Worship’s mission is to help cultivate the spiritual vitality of the community at Northwest University and to help foster the spiritual formation of each member primarily through the use of music in corporate worship services, which we believe is a means to the greater end of living lives of worship to God.

NU Worship Auditions for the 2016-2017 School year are over. Auditions will be held each fall semester.

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For questions contact worship@northwestu.edu.

General Information:

NU Worship is led by Brenda Rasmussen and Christian Dawson, and is facilitated by a team of student worship leaders.

NU Worship utilizes music in a corporate setting for three purposes. First and foremost, this time is for responding to and being reminded of who God is, what He has done, and what He has said. This is done through singing songs about God, His attributes, and His deeds. Second, this time also serves as an opportunity to encourage the community through Scripture and testimony. This incorporates reflective songs, stories, prayers, and personal songs. These typically are not “worship” songs. They are encouraging and are used to lead the community into worship. Last, the corporate music time is for the community to verbalize and remember its commitment to, desire for, and need for God.

Joining The Team:

Being a part of NU Worship gives members the opportunity to grow as a worship leader, musician, and Christian. Members will have the chance to leader others to express and live their faith in Jesus Christ, and encourage the community through their talents. Being involved with a NU Worship requires time, hard work, a “team player” attitude, personal responsibility, maturity, a positive lifestyle, teach-ability, and respect. We consider very carefully and prayerfully who should be selected to lead worship in this way as well as represent the University, therefore we expect that each student chosen will live up to the high expectations of a Christ- centered life, will serve the NU community well, will work hard in their craft and as a part of NU Worship, and will represent the University well.

Students can audition for NU Worship in one of three ways: auditions held during the school year (Fall Semester), auditions for music scholarship prior to the school year, and auditions by recommendation. All students wanting to be a part of NU Worship must have some sort of audition with the music director and/or worship pastor. Students are prayerfully selected by the Campus Ministries Office based on spiritual leadership, musicianship, reputation, recommendation, application, and compatibility. The desired caliber and size of NU Worship limits the number of students who can be involved.

NU Worship FAQ:

  • What is the time commitment for being involved?  Students involved in NU Worship do not have a huge time commitment. Rehearsals for Chapels are the morning of at 6:45am and rehearsals for Pursuits are Mondays at 5pm. Throughout the semester there are a few team meetings and training nights (typically on Tuesdays), In order to keep NU Worship a small time commitment, we expect all members to come prepared to rehearsal already having their music memorized. Our students are involved in their local churches, are student leaders, have jobs, etc.
  • Which chapel do I play in? If I am in Alpha Chapel do I play in Omega Chapel? All of our worship members play in both chapels. Chapels are begins 20 minutes before the class hour. Alpha Chapel is from 10-11am while the class hour starts at 10:20. Omega Chapel is from 11:20am-12:20pm while the class hour begins at 11:40. Worship typically ends about 17 minutes after the service begins giving students 3 minutes to get to class without being late.
  • How are people scheduled to play? Students are scheduled at the beginning of the semester through planning center online. Schedules are given typically a month if not earlier in advance.



The Northwest Choralons concer on December 11, 2015 in Northwest University's Butterfield Chapel.

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Choralons CDs and Product

CDs are available before and after every concert. Our three most recent CD projects are available online at www.cdbaby.com/cd/northwestchoralons13

2016-2017 Tour Dates

  • Oct. 8 NW Youth Conf. (AM) Mission Fest (PM)
  • Dec. 9 | Chapel 1st concert of the year
  • Jan. 14/15 (overnighter)
  • Jan. 22 | Tacoma Life Center PM
  • Feb. 12 | Solid Rock Community AM
  • Feb. 26
  • Mar. 3-9 (spring tour – NoCal)
  • Mar. 19
  • Apr. 2