Financial Aid Services

Our Mission

It is the Financial Aid Services Office goal to provide prompt, efficient, accurate, friendly, and professional service to everyone we assist. Our office strives to provide efficient and timely processing of student records in regards to awarding student equitable financial aid packages, as well as honoring the confidentiality of our students.



 At the beginning of every semester anticipated financial aid gets removed from your Student Account so that real aid can post.  If all your documents were completed and turned into the Financial Aid Services Office before the first day of class (8/25/14) and your verification paperwork was properly completed before Friday, August 15th, you should see your actual financial aid post to your account by Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

If you did not complete your paperwork before these dates, please allow additional time for your aid to post or check with the Financial Aid Office to make sure that all your documents are in.

If you completed all your paperwork by the dates above and don’t see your financial aid post by Wednesday, September 3, please contact the Financial Aid Services Office at or 425.889.5210.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Students are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Students should apply for financial aid at least six weeks before the start of a semester. To complete your application 2 forms are required:

1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
The FAFSA is required by all schools that offer federal or state aid. To complete the FAFSA, visit The Northwest University FAFSA School Code is 003783 (Note: Your social security number is required to complete a FAFSA, – Higher Education Act of 1965.)

2. Northwest University Financial Aid Application
Please submit this form to financial aid at or Barton room #254 after completion. Applications for all programs and campuses can be found at Financial Aid Applications

The Priority Deadline for Fall is February 15th, and Spring is November 15th.

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Financial Aid or Student Accounts???

**Financial Aid can help with any questions regarding the status of, or your eligibility for loans, grants, scholarships, FAFSA and missing documents. Email the Financial Aid Office at

**Student Accounts can help with any questions regarding your balance, payments, cost of attendance, charges and tuition management. Email the Student Accounts Office at


Cost of Attendance

CLICK HERE to find a break-down of the cost of attendance at Northwest University.

Please note that the cost of attendance for programs other than our traditional undergraduate programs at Northwest University Kirkland may differ.

For costs at NU Salem, click here.

For costs at NU Sacramento, click here.

For costs for our College of Adult & Professional Studies, click here.

To research costs of attendance for our various Graduate Studies and other information, click here.

To inquire about costs of attendance for any program not listed above, please contact either an Adviser or an Enrollment Counselor to be directed to the appropriate resources.


Are you a Graduate Student?

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You’ve Got Mail!

Remember to check your NU mailbox and NU Email. This is how the Financial Aid Office is able to correspond important information to you regarding both your financial aid and your student account.


Understanding your Offer of Financial Aid

Having trouble understanding what all the awards are you’ve been offered?  Wondering what all NU has to offer in terms of Financial Aid?  Click here to learn everything you ever needed to know about what Northwest University Financial Aid Services has to offer!