Work Study for Employers

Non-Approved Employers:

Do you want to hire a Northwest University Student to work for you under Washington’s State Work Study Program? Click here to get information on joining the program.
If you would like to hire a non-Work Study Northwest University Student you can post the opening online using NU JobSearch.

Approved Employers:

If you would like to hire a student for a position which has already been approved during the current school year, you can post your job online using NU JobSearch (please post within the State Work Study category).
If you have not worked with Northwest University during the current school year you will need to fill out a Job Description Form. Northwest University uses the standard form provided by the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB). The Job Description Form can be downloaded from their website, or by clicking here. Fill out the form, being as descriptive as possible, and return the signed copy to:

Northwest University
Attn: Michael Bowman, Financial Aid Services
PO Box 579
Kirkland, WA 98083-0579

The Work Study Coordinator will do an initial review of the form and, if approved, it will be sent to the HECB for final approval.

If you would like to hire a student for a new position, you will need to follow the same process above; fill out a job description form and submit it to the Work Study Coordinator.

Important Information for Off-Campus Work Study Students and Employers

  • All off-Campus Work Study students must complete two forms, the “Conditions of Award” and “Employer Referral Form” prior to starting the Work Study position. These forms can be obtained from the Work Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Services Office.
  • An additional “Conditions of Award” and “Employer Referral Form” must be completed for summer Work Study. The “Employer Referral Form” contains important information regarding students’ amount of eligibility and includes a section which must be filled out by the employer.
  • Additional timesheets are available in the Financial Aid Services Office.
  • Only the first 19 hours of work each week can be considered Work Study. Any hours above 19 will not be considered Work Study.
  • Employers must annually renew their agreement with the Higher Education Coordinating Board as well as submit a new Job Description form to Northwest University each year.
  • Timesheets must be received by the Work Study Coordinator within 15 days from the end of the current pay period or reimbursement may be denied.

For questions or concerns please contact Michael Bowman, NU Work Study Coordinator.