Information Services

The Information Services department exists to provide service, education, and technology to the employees and students of Northwest University.  We accomplish this by use of database management, help desk, instructional technology, network, and telecommunications systems and support.

The Help Desk is available for repairs to your personal computer on a space and time available basis. Please contact us for further information or to set up an appointment using one of the methods listed at right.

The Networking Department concentrates on serving the campus’s inter- and intranet needs. We provide a network that is dynamically shared between all members of the campus community to facilitate academic research and collaboration.

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Microsoft Software
These software deals are offered and managed by Kivuto.
If you have any questions about the order process or need support, please view their help page.

New and Noteworthy

  • Password Complexity Requirements
    Students and employees must follow new requirements for password changes after November 1st.
  • Software Deals
    NU students and employees are eligible to download the latest software titles, including Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Parallels Desktop, SPSS, and more.
  • Antivirus Software
    All computers should have antivirus software installed.  Antivirus software is required to use the campus network using either a wired or wireless connection.

NU Network Do’s and Do-Not’s

  • We hope you enjoy our network services for academic research, personal communication, and fun!
  • Servers are not allowed on campus. This includes, but is not limited to: Web, FTP, Mail, Games, and file sharing.
  • Malicious activity will not be permitted on the NU network. This includes spam, hacking, DoS attacks, etc.
  • Online gaming is allowed but may be limited due to the bandwidth guarantees for academic research. We will not optimize or maintain network connectivity for online gaming purposes. We reserve the right to limit any connection to the network at any time.
  • Distribution or sharing of copyrighted materials is not allowed. This includes all music and video files to which you do not own the copyright.