Spring 2015: End of Semester Reminders

Posted on by Lynette Sorenson

Just a few details as you wrap up this semester:

1) Backup/restore Discovery course content: Content you have added to Discovery can be backed up and saved for a future course or restored into a Fall course.

Resource: How to Backup and Restore Discovery Courses

2) Turnitin Assignments: It is now possible to include Turnitin Assignments in a backup file and restore them to a new course, but it is very important that the course is Reset before students add content to the assignments.

Resource: Reset Restored Course with Turnitin Assignments

3) Save a copy of your gradebook: Faculty are now required to retain a copy of the gradebook for the courses they teach.

Resource: Discovery: How to Export Copy of Grades

4) Gradebook: If any of your Category or Course total cells are highlighted that indicates that the total has been overridden. Removing the override will ensure that the Course total is correct.

Resource: Highlighted Category or Course Totals

5) Closing Courses to Students: Discovery courses should remain available to students for one month after the end of class.

Resource: To close the course –> Click on Edit Settings in the Administration block –> Change Show to Hide –> Save Changes

6) Deleting Courses: Discovery courses will remain on your list of courses as they are no longer automatically deleted. If you and your students no longer need access to the course, request that it be deleted using this Delete My Course form.

Additional resources are available via the NU Faculty Tutorials course in Discovery and on the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) website.

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