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Information you may need as you prepare for Fall 2017

  • UPGRADE:  Discovery was upgraded to version 3.2 this summer and you will notice a few changes.  For details see What’s New in Discovery 3.2
  • SYLLABUS: The Syllabus should be added to your Fall course(s) and the Discovery course made available to students at least one week before the start of class.
    Resources:  Adding Resources to Discovery         How to Open Courses to Students
  • BACKUP/RESTORE CONTENT:  Backup files can be restored to Fall courses.  If a Turnitin Assignment V2 is included in the Restore process be sure to Reset the course before students add content.
    Resources:  How to Backup Files and Restore Backup Files to Discovery       How to Reset a Course with Restored Turnitin Assignments V2.
  • TEACHING ASSISTANT (TA):  If you have a Teaching Assistant (TA) and need to add them to your Discovery course(s), please send an email to with details regarding the course (including section), the student’s name, and the role you want them to have.
    There are two options for NU Teaching Assistant roles:
    Non-hidden –  The TA will log in with their NU student account, and the students in your course will see the name and picture of your TA when they click on the assignment from the course page and view the Feedback information.
    Hidden – The TA will log in with an account created for them.  The identity of the TA would not be revealed to students.
  • MISSING BLOCKS:  As you view and add content to your Fall Discovery courses you may find that the Panopto and Quickmail blocks are missing and that there are some extra blocks (Search Forums, Latest News, & Recent Activity).  We failed to make sure that the correct templates were in place before the Fall 2016 courses were created.  To add or remove Discovery blocks check out this short video called Discovery: Add or Remove Blocks.  You can also send an email to with course details and the blocks that you want added or deleted.
  • “FAKE STUDENT”: A student email address has been created for each College/School. If you would like a “FAKE” student added to a course send a request to Please include information regarding the School/College you are part of and the course information including section number if applicable.
    • Using the “FAKE” student account will enable you to login as that student to view your course.  You will also be able to submit a paper to Turnitin, and access Feedback Studio before your students submit their work. If you wanted to demo Turnitin and Feedback Studio to your students in class, you could log into using this “FAKE” student account during the demo.  Click here for log in and password information (login required).
  • HIDING PREVIOUS SEMESTER COURSES: If your students no longer need access to your Spring and Summer Courses you will want to “hide” the courses from the students.  Click on Edit Settings in the Administration block –> Change Show to Hide –> Click on Save Changes.  The courses will remain available to you, but the course title will be grayed out.
  • DELETING PREVIOUS SEMESTER COURSES: If you and your students no longer need access to Discovery courses from previous semesters and you would like the courses deleted, fill out the Delete My Course form or send me a list with detailed information regarding the courses you want deleted.
  • DELETING EXTRA WEEK:  You may find that you have an extra week in your Discovery course.  To remove it click on the small minus sign.

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