Training classes are available on the following topics:


Summary: Does your department have forms you wish could be fillable pdf’s? This session will show you how to build a Word template that can easily be turned into a fillable pdf form.

Training Video: Summer 2017


Summary: Our business at NU runs on databases. This class will be an introduction to databases, including the differences between an Excel database, a flat database, and a relational database. You will build a simple relational database. We will also discuss database normalization.

Training Video: October 2017

EXCEL 2016: BASICS – Lynette Sorenson

Summary: This training session will cover some of the basic features of Excel 2016 including how to create an Excel spreadsheet, add and format data; do simple math formulas, freeze panes, Auto Complete and Flash Fill.

Training Handout

EXCEL 2016: INTERMEDIATE – Jon Leong and Lynette Sorenson

Summary:  This session will cover topics including adding comments, adding passwords, inserting page breaks, printing column headers on every page, and mail merge.

Training Handout
Training Video : Coming Soon

DISCOVERY: Turnitin & Grademark

The Turnitin Assignment type has many great features; however, more steps are required to set up the assignment.  During this session, you will add a “FAKE” student to one of your courses, create a Turnitin assignment, and then log in as the “FAKE” student to submit a paper to Turnitin.  After a quick overview of GradeMark, including the new voice comment and the rubric options, you will use GradeMark to view the assignment, add comments, and submit the grade to the Discovery Gradebook.





NU Training classes are scheduled three times a year on the Kirkland Campus.  An email will be sent to all employees with the training schedule.  Feel free to request one-on-one training for any of these topics. We also welcome your suggestions for additional topics.