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Discovery is our Learning Management Software for face to face courses and a site is created for every course.  You are required to post your Syllabus. Assignments and resources can also be added for your students.  Discovery has many features including a gradebook, an attendance application, online discussion forums, and online quizzes. Assignments can be submitted to Turnitin and a Similarity Report will be generated for you and your students.  Grades and comments can be added to student papers using Turnitin’s Feedback Studio.
  • You are enrolled in a course called NU Faculty Tutorials which contains videos and handouts to help you with Discovery.  The same resources are available on the Discovery Resources page on the ITC website.
  • Discovery Courses must be opened to students at least 1 week before the start of course, and must remain open for at last a month after the end of a course. See Discovery Resources for information on how to make courses available to students.
  • Support for Discovery is available by contacting Lynette in the Instructional Technology Center (see below) or by emailing  Support is also available from Learning House via the Help Center block that is part of every Discovery course.


  • All classrooms are equipped with: computer, DVD/VHS player, and projector.
  • Office 2013 and WIndows 7 are installed on classroom computers.  All NU employees can purchase Office 2013 (PC), Office 2011 (Mac), Windows 7 and Windows 8 for $9.75 each from Kivuto using the link on the Information Technology Department website.  Due to our agreement with Microsoft adjunct Faculty qualify for the Full-time Faculty price.  Other products are also available.
  • Call 425.889.5310 or email if you have any questions regarding classroom technology
    Reminder: Turn off the projector before leaving the classroom.


The Eagle website contains announcements, links, and information that will be helpful to you as an adjunct professor at Northwest University.  The main links are:


  • NU – This is the official Northwest University website which provides information regarding our academic programs, branch campuses, events, and other information about NU.
  • Library – This is the Library website where you can search the NU – Kirkland collection as well as online databases, many of them providing access to articles that you can read or download.  The NU Syllabus Archive is also available from the Library webpage.  To limit search to books in the Salem library do a search for Books >> Click in box for Salem  Campus.
  • Textbooks – This link provides information about Textbooks.  Students have access to textbook information on their profile page.  See Faculty Guide.
  • Self-Service – Self-Service is where you will find information regarding your courses, such as dates of course, students enrolled, location of class. Introducing Self-Service tutorial.
  • Discovery – All face to face courses have a Discovery site.  See Discovery information below.
  • E-Mail – Choose NU Employee and log in using your NU email address and password.

Other Links

eagle links
If you hover over Academics – Departments – Student Services or Campus Resources you will see a menu of links.

Your Profile

Use your NU email address and password to log in to Eagle and then click on My Profile.  The following information is available on your Profile page:

  • Your NU ID#
  • Your NU account information
  • Your course schedule
  • Your address and contact information (can be edited)
  • Your email and text alert preferences (can be updated)

Northwest University Directories
Employee and Student Directories can be accessed by selecting Directories from the Campus Resources list.  You must be logged into Eagle to view the Directories.


  • Technology Assistance
    The IT Help Desk is available via phone (425.889.5310) or by emailing  You can also search the FAQ on the IT Website.
  • NU E-Mail
    You will access your NU Email via Outlook Web by clicking on the EMAIL link on the Eagle website. See Outlook Web Tutorial.
  • Printing
    A copier is available in the Print Room.  You can also email documents to Amber and she will print them for you.
  • NU Password
    Passwords expire every 6 months and you may not see a notice that your password is about to expire. To change your password log into e-Mail –> Click on Option –> Click on Change My Password. If you are unable to log into Eagle or Discovery it may mean that your password has expired so call the Help Desk at 425.889.5310 to ask that your password be reset. See Password Requirement page for more information.


The Eagle website provides many links to information for students. On their profile page they will be able to view the courses they are enrolled in and access the Textbook List. They will also see information about their Adviser.

All students are enrolled in a face to face course are also enrolled in a course called NU Student Tutorials where they will find tutorials covering Discovery as well as information such as how to change their password. These tutorials are available to you via Resources for Students. Feel free to mention these resources to your students when needed.


We are here to provide technology support and training for YOU.  Please contact Lynette by email (, or by phone (425.889.7832) if you have any questions.

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