Full Time Faculty – NU Kirkland

The ITC provides technology training and support for you through print and web resources,
group training sessions, and just-in-time training as requested.


Discovery (based on Moodle) is our Learning Management Software and a site is created for every face to face course.  You are required to post your Syllabus and open the course to students at least one week before the start of class. Assignments and resources can also be added for your students.  


  • Panopto is available in all Kirkland campus classrooms so lectures and presentations can be recorded.
  • The Panopto Recorder software can also be downloaded on your office or home computer if you need to record content for your students.
  • Recordings are available to students via the Panopto block in Discovery.
  • See Panopto Resources for more information.


  • Students are enrolled in NU Student Tutorials were they will find videos and handouts for Discovery, Turnitin and Panopto.
  • The same resources are available on the Student Tutorial on Eagle.
  • Feel free refer your students to these resources..


  • All Kirkland classrooms are equipped with: computer, video camera (for Panopto), document camera, and a projector or 70′ HDMI screen for displaying content.  Most classrooms have a DVD/VHS player.  There is a Blue-ray player in Argue HSC 104.
  • A few classrooms contain a SMART Board or SMART Podium
  • Office 2016 and Windows 10 has been installed on all classroom and computer lab computers.
  • Call the IT Help Desk (425.889.5310) if you have a problem with classroom technology.
  • Fill out the Equipment Request form if additional equipment is needed for a classroom presentation or for a special speaker.


  • Eagle: All Full-time Faculty have a website on Eagle.  Contact Lynette for assistance in adding or updating content on your page.
  • Northwest University: All Faculty also have a webpage on the Northwest University site which is managed by the Marketing Department.  To add or update content on your page contact Lynette and she will make sure that the content has been added.


  • The Eagle website contains announcements, links, and information that will be helpful to you as a professor at Northwest University.  The main links are:
    • NU – This is the official Northwest University website which provides information including our academic programs, branch campuses, events, and the NU Calendar.
    • Library – This is the Library website where you can search the NU – Kirkland collection as well as online databases, many of them providing access to articles that you can read or download.  The NU Syllabus Archive is also available from the Library website.
    • Courses – This menu contains links to Self-Service (info about courses that you are teaching and students enrolled, final course grades will be added to Self-Service at end of semester – see Faculty Self-Service Introduction), Discovery courses, NU Online courses and My Textbooks.
    • Shop – This menu contains links to Eagle Exchange (NU apparel, gifts, and accessories) and Amazon.com (textbooks).
    • E-Mail – This link provides access to Employee E-Mail and Student E-Mail.  Students have access to Office 365 via their E-Mail account.
  • If you hover over Academics, Departments, Student Services or Campus Resources you will see links to various NU offices, departments, and services.

eagle links

Your Profile


At the top of the page add your NU email address and password to log in to Eagle and then click on My Profile.  The following sections may be available on your Profile page:

  • My Account: Current balance, monthly statements and more
  • My Academics:  Includes a list of current courses, and other links.
  • My Printing:  Printing and Long Distance codes.
  • My Information: Address and content information, can be edited
  • My Emergency Contact Information: Add Emergency contact information.
  • NU Alerts: Add or update text and email information which will be used when a campus alert is sent out. 
    Additional options on this page include Maintenance requests, My Parking, and My Textbooks.

Northwest University Directories

  • Log into Eagle then click on Directories from the Campus Resources list.


  • Technology Assistance: The IT Help Desk is available via phone (425.889.5310) or by emailing help@northwestu.edu.  You can also search the FAQ on the IT Website.  The Information Technology Department is located in Barton 122.
  • Software: NU employees can purchase Office 2016 (PC), Office 2016 (Mac), and Office 10 for $9.95 each from Kivuto using the Software Deals link on the Information Technology Department website.  Office 365 is also available to NU Faculty.
  • Outlook Email & Calendar: Outlook Email is available from your office computer. 
    • Outlook Calendar is used by the Provost and others to schedule meetings.  Please add your classes, meetings, and times when you are not available to your calendar.
  • NU Distribution Groups: You will be placed on a number of Distribution Groups according to committee assignments and role.  You will be able to send and receive emails using the specific Distribution list address.  See NU Distribution List.
  • Files on your Office Computer:
    • It is recommended that you save files to your S: Drive which is shared by others in your School/College.      The S: Drive is automatically backed up and is available from any campus computer.
    • Files can also be saved to the N: Drive.  Items saved to the N: Drive are available to all employees and are automatically backed up.
  • Off Campus Assess to your Files: Check with the IT Department for the current guidelines for a VPN connection to your office computer.
  • Printing Services: If you are printing more than 50 copies of an item it is faster and easier to submit a request via the Printing Services Dashboard.  Your order will be delivered to your mail box within 24 hours.  Rush orders will be accommodated when possible.
  • NU Password: Passwords expire every 6 months and you will receive a notice via email. Passwords can be changed using the NU Password Management site.  Contact the IT Help Desk at 425.889.5310 if you are unable to log in with your current password.
  • NU Distribution Lists
    You will be placed on a number of NU Lists according to committee assignments and role.  You will be able to send and receive emails using the specific Distribution list address.  See NU Distribution List.


We are here to provide technology support and training for YOU.  Please contact us by email (lynette.sorenson@northwestu.edu or help@northwestu.edu), by phone (425.889.7832) or stop by the ITC in Rice 25.