Current version of Moodle is 3.3.

The following resources are also available in the NU Faculty Tutorials Discovery course.

What’s New in Discovery 3.3 (PDF)
Introduction to Discovery 3.3 (7:49)


Backup and Restore Content (4:11)
Add Syllabus (1:02)
Drag and Drop Files (:54)
Link to URL (:43)
Open/Close Course (1:19)
Moodlerooms Forum (2:21)
Moodlerooms Forum & Moodlerooms Grader (2:24)
Bulk Empty Grades (1:48)
Offline Grading (2:52)
Single View Grading (1:22)
Moodlerooms Grader (2:06)
PDF Editor (2:10)
Move Sections or Activities (1:44)
Edit Activity or Resource (1:40)
Duplicate Assignments (1:57)
Add Complete/Incomplete Assignments (1:11)
Email Students using Quickmail (1:50)

PDF Tutorials

Back Up and Restore Course Content 
Export Copy of Gradebook 
Navigation and Settings
Add Resources
Add & Grade Assignments 
Gradebook Setup and Options
Assignments with Offline Grading
Assignments with Rubric or Marking Guide 
Create Groups
Moodlerooms Forum
Forum and Moodlerooms Forum Option Chart 
Add a Quiz
Email Students using Quickmail

Turnitin Assignments

See Turnitin Resources page

Add Questions using Aiken Method (3:51)


Adding FAKE Student & TA’s to Courses

TA Access to Discovery Courses
Adding FAKE Student to Course (Log in required)


Checklist for Building a Discovery Course
Checklist for Teaching an Adult Evening Course using Discovery

Resources for Students

See Resources for Students for Discovery tutorials that are available to students in the NU Student Tutorials course in Discovery.