JZ – Facebook Project Brief

All projects must be accompanied by a marketing brief. We use the information you provide to guide our work. The more clear and detailed you are in the brief, the better we can hit the mark. You may be tempted, but don’t cut corners here! The marketing brief is your chance to tell us what we need to know to speak clearly to your audience and to create great work. Projects begin once we receive a completed marketing brief.

Project Details

Name of Project:

Requested by:

Your Email Address:


Subject Matter Expert/Project Lead:

Name of Campaign with which this project is associated (if applicable):

Facebook Ad or Post

Are you requesting a Facebook ad or Facebook post?

Name of program to be promoted in ad/post?

To whom should leads be delivered? (name and email address)

Is this related to an event? Please provide event details: name, time, and location:

Is this a new ad/post?

Does this ad/post have an earlier version? If so, please provide previous version and note what edits need to be made. If you have more than one document to submit, please send them via email to marketing@northwestu.edu.
Upload your edits (text/word doc) here:

Requested Ad/Post start date:

Requested Ad/Post stop date:

Project Timelines:

Minimum 3 weeks advance notice


Describe your objective for this ad/post project:

What is the desired outcome? (In other words, what action do you want the audience to take?)

Is there a special offer, incentive, or deadlines we should highlight?

Target Audience

Who are you trying to reach?
Note: Providing us with this information can help us develop more accurate targeting and therefore allow for greater success.

Is this ad/post for current NU students or potential NU students?

Who are your potential customers?

Where are they located (city, state, country)

What Facebook pages do they like?

What is their age range?

What Music artists do they listen to?

What interests do they have?

What question or request do you receive frequently from current or potential students?
How can you provide an answer/solution?

What are the highlights of your program that are most attractive to current and potential students?

When communicating with your audience, what wants/desires do you hear the most?

Please upload a list of inquiries. This will allow us to make a look-alike audience. The inquiries you upload should be email addresses only. If you have more than one document to submit, please send them via email to marketing@northwestu.edu.
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Please provide any other relevant content that will help us to create and deliver the right messaging.