Student Mailbox Information

Your Student Mailbox

  • Each new student will receive an on campus mailbox and key during orientation week.
  • Mail boxes are located in the Pecota Student Center.
  • During the school year, student mail is delivered Monday through Friday between 3:00-4:00 pm.
  • If mail key is lost, a $10 fee is charged to the student account for a replacement.
  • Outgoing mail can be dropped off in either the Pecota Student Center, or the Print and Mail Services Center on the first floor of the Barton Building.

Receiving Mail and Packages at NU

Students may receive mail and packages while they have a mailbox number at NU.  Mail may be picked up from your mailbox at anytime, while packages and oversize letters may be retrieved from Print and Mail Services (on the first floor of the Barton Building) during our normal hours of operation.  You will be notified through your NU email account when we receive any packages for you.

Bring Your ID Card
Photo ID is required to pickup all student packages!
The delivery speed of your mail and packages relies both on correct addressing, and the type of service used to send them.  Mail and packages are processed and available on the same day they are received by Print and Mail Services, if properly addressed.

Correct addressing would appear as follows:
Your Name
5520 108th Ave NE
Mailbox #
Kirkland, WA  98033

Mail that is not addressed correctly may be delayed.  Therefore, we ask that you notify all correspondents of your complete address.  Feel free to direct address questions to our staff.

Mailbox Closure

  • Please provide forwarding address.
  • Turn your mail key into the Print and Mail Services Center.
    A $5 refund will be added to your student account following the key’s return.

Mailbox Forwarding

  • During summer, all student mail will be forwarded a week after the last day of finals.
  • On the form, indicate whether you’d like your mail forwarded, are no longer a student, or if you’d like your mail delivered to your NU mailbox for the summer.
  • Failure to fill out the online form will result in your mail forwarded to your permanent address on file.