Gray/Beatty Resident Assistants

[From Left to Right- Caleb Bonner, Sam Welch, Andrew Robertson, Peter Carlson (Area Coordinator), Kirsten Philpott, Hannah Yelas, Taylor Murray]

Andrew Robertson – Gray 400

Major: General Ministries

Hometown: Reedley, CA

Why be an RA? Being an RA allows me to foster a community where not only I can lead but be lead by others.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Half price books after a trip to Molly Moons.

Most desirable superpower: To be able to generate any breakfast cereal and milk with my hands.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Homeward Bound

 Sam Welch – Gray 500

Major: Intercultural Studies

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA

Why be an RA? The chance to grow, while leading awesome people and having as much fun as possible. Also the team and staff you work with are the greatest people.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Tapioca Exress

Most desirable superpower: Unlimited focus and energy.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Book: Wild Heart. Movie: Remember the Titans.

Caleb Bonner – Gray 600

Major: Business Management & Marketing

Hometown: Pierce, ID

Why be an RA? I want to be able to walk beside people as they live at NU and I want to enable them in their relationship with people and with Christ. I want to be a part of a loving and open community where people feel loved and like they belong.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Kirkland library for homework and the lake for fun.

Most desirable superpower: Flight.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Scary Close by Donald Miller.

Kirsten Philpott – Beatty 100

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

Hometown: Ferndale, WA

Why be an RA? The impact that Res Life has made on my life in the past few years at NU has been great. I can’t wait to walk alongside the girls on my floor and learn from each other.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Healthy Bonez and Five Stones Coffee.

The ideal superpower: Run super fast, no like, really fast.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Hannah Yelas – Beatty 200

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Lincoln City, OR

Why be an RA? This position has taught me to rely completely on God. Being an RA has taught me to be intentional about meeting people where they are at and I have loved walking through different stages of life with my girls.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Kirkland waterfront, or any beach that would possibly have whale sightings.

The ideal superpower: To communicate with sonar like the magestic whales.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Free Willy.

Taylor Murray – Beatty 300

Major: Management

Hometown: Snoqualmie, WA

Why be an RA? Being an RA gives me an opportunity to intentionally do life with other people. I want to make others feel seen, heard and loved.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Five Stones Coffee.

Most desirable superpower: Weather manipulation.

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Crazy Love by Francis Chan.