More Information

This page contains additional information about Parking Permits and Vehicle Registration at Northwest University.  Please click here for the main Parking Information page.

Parking Permits

NU Parking Permits are a one-piece sticker, color-coded (examples below) for your housing assignment and status, with a unique barcode.

  • Student parking permits are valid for one year, and expire on August 31st.
  • Employee permits are valid for two years.  Before your permit expires, simply apply for a new permit in MyParking.
Parking Permit - Students
Parking Permit – Student
Parking Permit - Employee
Parking Permit – Employee
Parking Permit - Students (FIRs Resident)
Parking Permit – Student (FIRs Resident)
Parking Permit - FIRs (Employee)
Parking Permit – Employee (FIRs Resident)
Parking Permit - Student Apartments
Parking Permit – Student (Student Apartments Resident)

How to Display NU Parking Permits

Parking permits should be displayed as follows:

  • Vehicles Place the parking permit anywhere on the outside of the rear window.  If your vehicle does not have a glass rear window (e.g. convertible or pickup canopy), you may place the permit anywhere on the front windshield.
  • Motorcycles & Scooters Place the parking permit vertically on the front right fork so that the barcode is easily read.

How to Obtain a Replacement Parking Permit

NU parking permits are not transferrable and become void once pulled off a vehicle.

If you need a permit for a replacement vehicle (additional vehicles are charged the normal rate) or because your parking permit was scraped off the window, please go to MyParking and use the “Replacement” permit option.  Use the same option if your residential situation has changed, and you need a different permit type.

Be sure to note in the application which vehicle you are replacing, as this vehicle’s permit will be voided.  There is no cost for a replacement parking permit.

Guest Parking Permits

Vehicles operated or parked by a non-employee or non-student are not required to display an NU parking permit.  If you receive a citation for not displaying a permit, please email with the ticket number and the nature of the circumstance.  You are welcome to register your vehicle as guest and obtain a guest permit:

Employees and students are responsible for their guests.  Any citations for a violation other than not displaying permit received by a guest may be assessed against the employee or student.  Guest parking is not allowed in the FIRs or Student Apartment housing areas.

Students are not generally eligible for a guest permit.  If you do not contact Campus Security prior to registering for a guest permit, the permit will be voided and the vehicle subject to citation.