Motor Vehicle Policy

Northwest University seeks to provide and maintain a safe campus environment for vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Parking and driving regulations are created and enforced to establish a climate of safety and order. Citations may be issued for failure to observe driving and parking regulations, and in some cases the vehicle may be towed from the campus at the owner’s expense. While some of the following policies define requirements unique to students and employees (such as permits issued for specific parking lots), except where specifically stated, the entire motor vehicle policy is in effect for all publics who frequent the university campuses.

Parking and driving regulations are applicable at all Northwest University campuses and teaching sites.



  • All motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, parked or operated on Northwest University campuses by students and employees must be registered with the Northwest University Security office and display a current parking permit. Vehicles not displaying a current parking permit may be towed from the campus at the owner’s expense and/or may incur a fine.
  • All vehicles must have current registration from the state in which the vehicle is registered and be insured.
  • Vehicles must be operable, in mechanical compliance and equipped as specified in local vehicle codes.
  • Vehicle repairs are not allowed.
  • The Director of Security, the Dean of Community Life, or the senior campus administrator may suspend one’s campus driving and parking privileges should said person fail to comply with the regulations.
  • The university reserves the right to close any campus parking area it deems necessary for maintenance, safety, construction or special events. Campus security will, to the extent practical, provide notice to users and suitable alternatives for affected permit holders.


  • Parking is available on a first-come basis.
  • Parking is limited to one vehicle per space, motorcycles and scooters excepted.
  • Disabled parking spaces are restricted to those vehicles displaying a valid state disabled parking permit.
  • Employees and students are responsible for the parking of any guest’s vehicles. Any infraction by a guest not affiliated with the university may be invoked upon the employee or student the guest is visiting.
  • No parking is permitted within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • No parking is permitted in a fire lane as designated by a red curb or signage.
  • No parking is permitted within 30 feet of an approaching stop sign.
  • There will be no storage of vehicles, trailers, campers, boats, etc.  Resident student vehicles must be removed when the student is not living in residence at the University.

Parking – Kirkland Campus

  • Reserved parking spaces are designated for Faculty, Visitors and Staff use and are not for student use.
  • Visitor parking spaces are reserved for those visiting the campus and not for use by students or employees.
  • Loading zones are reserved for loading and unloading and not for general parking. Parking in a loading zone in excess of 30 minutes unless active loading and unloading is occurring, is considered a violation.
  • Parking in some lots is restricted to vehicles displaying specific Northwest University parking permits including lots adjacent to campus housing. Currently, parking in the following lots is restricted by specific permits:
    • Student Apartments – blue + green permit
    • FIRs Apartments – blue + yellow or black + yellow permit
  • Northwest University employees or students will not park on the nearby City of Kirkland neighborhood streets. Specifically, parking is prohibited on:
    • NE 53rd St, between 108th Ave NE and 114th Ave NE
    • 114th Ave NE, south of NE 53rd St
    • 112th Ave NE, south of NE 53rd St
    • 111th Ln NE, south of NE 53rd St
    • 111th Ave NE, south of NE 53rd St
    • 114th Ave NE, north of the campus boundary
    • A neighborhood street between NE 60th St and the campus boundary
    • Parking in these areas is a breach of an agreement between the University and the Houghton neighborhood and could result in a fine. On the fourth violation, violators may be referred for additional sanctions.

Parking Permits

  • All vehicles, motorcycles, and scooters operated or parked by students and employees must display a current Northwest University parking permit. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space, but merely allows for parking in specific areas of the campus.
  • A vehicle is registered once a parking permit is purchased and properly displayed on the vehicle as described on the parking permit webpage.
  • Vehicle registration is valid until the registrant is no longer affiliated with the university or until the permit expires. The permit term is concurrent with the traditional academic year plus one month (August 1 to August 31 of the following calendar year) or any portion thereof. All parking permits are considered property of the university and must be surrendered to Campus Security when university affiliation either changes or ceases.
  • Permits may not be transferred between motor vehicles.
  • Vehicles must not be parked in areas restricted by specific permit designations at any time.


  • All operators of motorized vehicles are required to have a valid driver’s license.
  • Drivers are required to stop at all stop signs.
  • Drivers are required to follow posted speed limits.
  • Reckless driving is prohibited. Reckless driving includes exceeding the posted speed limit by 10 or more MPH, failure to stop at successive stop signs, driving on sidewalks or off-road, and failure to yield to pedestrians.
  • Drivers will not operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medication, that would impair their driving ability. In such instances local law enforcement may be called to facilitate the enforcement of said violations.
  • Distracted driving (such as operating a motor-vehicle while texting) is prohibited.
  • Vehicles operated on the campus during the hours of darkness, will do so with the head and tail lamps lighted.
  • A citation may be issued by identifying the owner via the license plate number and mailed to the owner/operator. The person listed in the Northwest University vehicle registration data base will be responsible for the fine when the actual driver cannot be identified.
  • The university may install permanent or temporary signs, barricades, paint marks, and other structures or directions upon the streets, curbs, and parking areas within the campus. Drivers of motorized and non-motorized vehicles shall obey the signs, barricades, structures, markings, and directions. Drivers of motorized and non-motorized vehicles shall comply with directions given to them by authorized agents of campus security in the control and regulation of traffic, in the assignment of parking spaces, and in the collection of parking fees.


Campus Security may issue an oral or written warning, a correction notice or a citation for parking and traffic infractions. Oral and written warnings are not associated with a fine. Correction notices provide a window of time to make the correction. If the infraction is not resolved within the assigned timeline, a fine will be applied. Citations are associated with a fine. Fine amounts are listed in the fine schedule (below). The violation(s) and fine(s) are listed on the citation. The fine(s) will be billed directly to student or employee accounts. Details about citation information are available within the Campus Parking system.

Citation Appeals

Citations may be appealed within ten (10) days from the date it was issued. The appeal deadline is printed on the citation. If you do not response within ten (10) days the appeal option will not be available. All appeals must be submitted within the Campus Parking system and will NOT be taken in person, over the telephone, or by email.

If you receive a citation, you have three options: take no action, mitigation, and

  1. Take no action. If you choose to take no action the fine(s) will be submitted to your university account.
  2. Mitigation. Mitigation is submitted within the Campus Parking system within ten (10) days of the infraction. In mitigation, you admit that you committed the violation, but ask to have your fine reduced based upon mitigating circumstances. Mitigation is an informal process where you may explain the circumstances of your case. Your explanation along with your Northwest University driving record is considered in the mitigation determination. There is no appeal of a mitigation determination. Infractions issued for reckless driving may not be mitigated.


Fine Schedule

Infraction Fine
Vehicle not Registered $50
Permit not Displayed Properly $10
No proof of state vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, or driver’s license $25
Parking Citation $20
Parking in a Disabled Parking Space $100
Parking on Neighborhood Streets $35
Conducting Vehicle Repair on Campus $25
Inoperable or Non-Compliant Vehicle Parked on Campus $25
Speeding $35
Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign $35
Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian $50
Reckless or Impaired Driving
(May also include a Student Conduct referral.)
Failure to Comply with Traffic Signs, Barricades, or other Structures $50


Towing Policy

Vehicles are towed from the Northwest University properties at the owner’s expense, including storage fees. Towing signs are posted on the campus listing the towing company and a contact telephone number.

Vehicles may be towed for the following reasons:

  • The vehicle is parked improperly or in a restricted location.
  • The vehicle creates a safety hazard (e.g., left running or on jacks/blocks, etc.).
  • The vehicle appears abandoned or stored. (A “Notice to Tow” will be placed on the vehicle. Fourteen days after the notice is placed, the vehicle will be towed.)
  • When the vehicle is impeding a University related activity, owner contact attempts are negative and/or the owner refuses to move the vehicle in a reasonable amount of time.

Suspension of Campus Driving/Parking Privileges

Driving/parking on Northwest University campuses is a privilege. Individuals who continue to disregard parking rules, stop signs, and speed limits may be assigned community service or have their campus driving/parking privileges suspended. Individuals who have their privileges suspended will be allowed to park in a place as designated by Campus Security for the duration of their suspension. If a vehicle belonging to a suspended driver is found parked or operated anywhere else on campus it may be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.