Student Programs – NUSG, Act Six, Leadership, Orientation

About the Office of Student Programs:
The Office of Student Programs facilitates opportunities for leadership development, campus engagement, and co-curricular partnerships to help students foster discernment and meaning-making in their vocational calling.

Overseeing leadership development at Northwest, Student Programs provides broad-based training to all student leaders and supervises all programmatic areas of NUSG, Student Clubs & Organizations, Senate, Student Activities, Act Six, and new student Orientation.

If you would like to learn more about any of the leadership or involvement opportunities, the Office of Student Programs can help!  The Director of Student Programs is located in the Community Life Center, H-101.

Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiative
Act Six is an urban leadership and scholarship initiative for selected high achieving and motivated student scholars to grow facilitating positive change at NU and in the broader community.

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Northwest University Student Government (NUSG)
Collectively, the Associated Students of Northwest University are known by the name NUSG.  Leadership within NUSG is comprised of elected students who provide yearlong campus-wide leadership.  NUSG provides many different avenues and commitment levels for involvement including participating in a club, to serving as a Student Senator, to leading campus as an Executive Officer. The Office of Student Programs oversees advising of NUSG and facilitates all of the following areas:

  • NUSG Executive Officers – President, Activities, Communications, Senate, and Treasurer
  • NUSG Senate – 12-18 Senators
  • NUSG Event Coordinators
  • Student Activities Board
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