Dr. Clint Bryan

Clint Bryan
After pastoring in Assemblies of God churches in the Midwest for over two decades, Clint experienced a midlife crisis (one which his wife Sally fully supported): going back to graduate school. He earned a Master of Humanities degree from Tiffin University while pastoring a multiethnic church in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. After that he pursued a doctorate in English at Middle Tennessee State University, specializing in Rhetoric and Composition and Linguistics. He is fascinated by regional dialect differences in spoken English. He is most excited about being able to use the word “pop,” the label of choice for soft drinks in his native Iowa.


At Northwest University, Clint is thrilled to be combining his two passions: discipling young leaders and teaching writing. Excellent communication provides a platform for Christian thinkers and scholars to offer our take on biblical truth in the larger cultural marketplace of ideas.


Clint and Sally are parents to two grown children and have welcomed a son-in-law to the family. Some of his loves: visiting art museums, traveling overseas, cooking, painting, polishing his pop culture trivia knowledge, sipping coffee, and attending live theater. He readily mentions that his dog Winston, a cockapoo, is spoiled rotten. Just wait until he has grandchildren….