Jonathon Burt


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B.A. Fairhaven College, 1973
B.A. Western Washington University, 1983
M.S.E. Seattle University, 1988
B.A. Northwest University, 2006
M.A. Central Washington University, 2011


GEOG 3213         Introduction to Geography
HIST 1503            History of Western Civilization I
HIST 1523            History of Western Civilization II
HIST 2503            US History I: to 1877
HIST 2513            US History II: 1877 to the 1990’s
HIST 3333            Early Britain
HIST 3343            Modern British History
HIST/PSCI 3433   US Foreign Policy and Diplomatic History
HIST 3503            Pacific NW History
HIST 3563            Theory and Methods
HIST 3873            Women & Gender: Modern Western
HIST 3883            Race in America from Colonial Period through Reconstruction
HIST 3893            East Asia I – Beginnings to Westernization
HIST 4523            Military History of America
HIST 4683            US in the Middle East
PSCI 2503            American Government
PSCI 2563            American Presidency