Dr. Kenneth Whaley

whaley_kenPrior to joining Northwest University, Dr. Whaley taught for 12 years in public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, where he also led professional development for teachers and designed curriculum through the Georgia Department of Education. In 2011, the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE) honored him with the Graduate Student Scholar Award for his dissertation study. He has presented at national and international conferences, and his work has been published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Dr. Whaley’s research explores how students’ affective experiences during the learning process influence their growth, dispositions, and development. He teaches courses on curriculum theory, instructional methods and learning theory, math, and math methods.



Ph.D., Mercer University, 2012
M.Ed., Mercer University, 2006
B.A., University of Georgia, 2002



MATH 1003    Foundations for College Mathematics
MATH 1103    Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 4523    Math Content & Methods I
MATH 4533    Math Content & Methods II
MATH 4713    Secondary Math Methods


Master in Teaching (MIT)

EDMA 5661    edTPA Seminar I (Fall)
EDMA 5671    edTPA Seminar II (Spring)
MATH 5423    Secondary Math Methods

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

EDMA 5543    Current Educational Issues & Trends
EDMA 5523    Educational Standards & Accountability
EDMA 5213    Exceptionality & Reflective Assessment
EDMA 5813    Collaboration, Coaching, & Professional Communication