Suzanne Barsness



B.S.N. Seattle Pacific College, 1972
M.S.N. Seattle Pacific University, 1991
C.C.R.C. Association of Research Professionals, 1996


Senior Class Lead–Nursing
NURS 4102     Issues of Graduate Nursing Practice
NURS 4303     Issues of Quality Improvement, Health Care Finances, & Strategic Planning
NURS 4562     Nursing Research: Methods and Applications
NURS 4963     Nursing Practice as Ministry

 Mission Statement

My mission  is (1) to be a compassionate teacher (educator) who challenges students to explore and develop their nursing interests with the highest integrity, competence and qualifications; (2) to continuously be an advocate for my students; (3) to model and encourage a lifelong commitment to and enthusiasm for learning; and, (4) to model a life devoted to and dependent upon Jesus (and God) in purpose and in action.


Co-Chair Curriculum and Evaluation Committee Nursing
Chair Northwest University Internal Review Board (IRB)
FolioTek Nursing Rep

Nursing Career

1991-2013  University of Washington, Research Nurse, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Bio-behavioral Science.  Research involving gerontology, sleep and aging, estrogen, progesterone, exercise and aging, and growth hormone and memory.

Other:  Intensive Care, Coronary Care and Open Heart Surgery