Teresa Gillespie

Dr. Gillespie is Dean of the School of Business & Management at Northwest.  She began teaching at Northwest in 2000.  She has taught a number of courses related to law, business ethics, leadership and negotiation.  Prior to this, she was in-house litigation counsel for US West Communications for nearly two decades.  In this capacity, she represented the corporation in numerous lawsuits, including disputes involving contracts, torts, real estate, complex commercial bankruptcy, unemployment discrimination and class-action consumer cases.  She was one of the early adopters of commercial mediation and is an avid proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Professor Gillespie has served as a guest lecturer in business law for MBA schools at several universities in China: Chengdu University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Science and Technology and Hunan University.  She has been an instructor of Paralegal Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles, Extension.  For four years, she was an adjunct professor in the MBA program at Seattle Pacific University.

Professor Gillespie has recently written Blurring the Boundaries: Emerging Legal Forms for Hybrid Organization, a discussion of the benefits and detriments of new legal structures, the Benefit Corporation and the Low Profit Limited Liability Corporation (journal publication pending).  She has also written several educational role-play simulations, including exercises in negotiation, mediation, leadership and several business law trial simulations.  She has presented papers at the Christian Business Faculty Association conference and at the Northwest University Faith and the Humanities conferences.

A law graduate of the University of Washington and an attorney, Teresa Gillespie is licensed to practice in Washington State.  She also holds a life-time secondary teaching certificate from the State of California.

Courses Taught


  • Business Internship
  • Business Law
  • Policy & Ethics


Short Papers & Articles

Surviving in a Tight Job Market
Employed by Jesus: Modern Agency Law Principles in Colossians 3 and 4

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