Wayde Goodall

Dr. Wayde Goodall is Dean of the College of Ministry at Northwest University, Kirkland, Washington.

Wayde served as part of the leadership team representing the Pentecostal/Charismatic churches of America on the Pulpit and Pew “think tank” at Duke University.  Dr. Goodall also created the minister’s magazine, Enrichment Journal; it received “Best Clergy Magazine” award from the Evangelical Press Association. This magazine’s focus is on creation of healthy leaders for healthy churches. Enrichment Journal remains one of the leading clergy magazines in the U.S. and is translated and is in use in numerous countries.

Dr. Goodall has written and co-authored 16 books, including; Success Kills, Why Great Men Fall, Conflict Management for Church Leaders, Marriage and Family, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Choice, The Blessing, The Battle, and Back to the Word.  Many of these are translated into several languages.  His book, Marriage and Family has been translated into 15 languages. Marriage and Family is currently in approximately two million Chinese homes. Wayde’s book Why Great Men Fall is utilized extensively by Focus on the Family, men’s ministries, staff training, and secular organizations. Wayde has been featured on two recent Focus on the Family radio broadcasts on the topic of Why Great Men Fall. His new book, Biblical Principles for Counseling, will be released in the winter of 2013.

Wayde and Rosalyn are the founding Pastors of Vienna Christian Center, in Vienna, Austria.  Wayde has served as Senior Pastor to several thousand attendees. He has received the Church Health Award from the Purpose Driven Church.

He is founder of WorldWideFamily.org which ministers to families, couples, men, pastors, and leaders in over 30 nations.  He also frequently assists leaders, pastors, and missionaries with marriage and family discipleship training, as well as healthy ministry adjustment, and change.  Wayde’s discipleship tools are being utilized by Focus on the Family for marriage and counseling in the international community.

Among his consulting experiences are, pastors, church leadership, para-church executives, district leaders, and government leaders.  Dr. Goodall is a certified Life, Leadership, and Team coach working with church leaders, executives, and men in balancing spiritual, organizational, life balance and career. As a coach he has worked with national leaders, men in leadership, pastors, couples, organizations, and other executive coaches.

Wayde’s wife Rosalyn is a speaker, technical professional editor, writer, and educator. She has served as a faculty member at Southwest Missouri State University and Drury University and seminaries internationally.  Dr. Goodall and Rosalyn have two grown children, Jeremy and Kristin.

Dr. Goodall teaches Church Ministries Internship I (CMIN 3941). This is the entrance level to a three-tier hands-on application based on training through class instruction, experience, reflection, and mentorship.  A survey type of broad across-the-board observations and participations in the local church are the emphasis of this course.  A prerequisite for this course is formal Application and Admission to the College of Ministry


Dean of the College of Ministry, Northwest University