Recreation Sports puts on a variety of activities including intramurals, weekend tournaments, active activities, etc. We currently have three long intramural seasons: football, basketball and soccer or volleyball. Additionally, Rec Sports will host volleyball tournaments, open gym, spike ball tournaments, etc.

Intramural Basketball begins Thursday, January 19!

To sign up to participate, please contact your floor RA. Each floor will determine an individual who will serve as their team captain. For campus apartments, FIRS and commuters, the team name is FOA and the captain will be Lyubov Bernik ( and Cole Hastie ( Rosters will need to be finalized by the third week of play. Each students will need to fill out a waiver to participate.

Intramural Basketball Schedule Spring 2017

Team Captains can use this blank roster to sign up their team (15 members). Intramural Roster (Blank)

All games and participants will need to follow the Intramural Basketball Handbook that can be found here.

For questions regarding recreation sports, please contact!