Below is some information about the new student government model, Associated Students of Northwest University (ASNU), that will be replacing NUSG next year.

The Current NUSG Model:

NUSG currently consists of two groups: SAB and Senate. SAB is a group of selected student leaders who serve the student body by putting on events which build community. Senate is a group of elected student leaders who represent student voice through the actions of Senate. These two groups have traditionally served together on NUSG though their roles as student leaders rarely overlap.

Separate from the NUSG structure, the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) was created in Fall 2016. DAC has been co-led by Rick Engstrom, the Dean of Student Development, and Sami Price, NUSG President, and has representation from current student leaders including Residents Life, Campus Ministries, SAB, Senate, Act Six, and athletics. In the last semester, DAC has given input about issues such parking and has continued to emphasize interdepartmental collaboration of student leadership.

The New ASNU Model:

The structure of Associated Students of Northwest University (ASNU) utilizes current structures and groups while adjusting the relationships of the groups. In this new structure, SAB will be made an independent student leadership group under Student Development. SAB positions will continue to be selected.

ASNU will consist of Excutive Offices, the Student Senate, and the Student Leadership Council. The Executive Offices will mirror current NUSG Offices and will consist of Student Body President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff. These positions will be elected in the spring of each year by popular vote of the student body. The Student Senate will continue to serve as elected student representatives. The Student Leadership Council will replace DAC and Council members will be selected by the group they represent at the beginning of each semester.

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