NUSG receives it’s funding through a portion of the Student Services Fee. This fee provides a majority of the co-curricular opportunities students at Northwest University enjoy. In addition to funding NUSG, this fee provides financial supplement for a variety of campus departments including the Wellness Center, Multicultural Life (beginning in 16-17), leadership development, the Eagle Fitness Center, Campus Ministries, and the Talon. Finally, a majority of the fee supplies our student leaders with scholarships. NUSG works with Student Development to voice into Student Service Fee Allocations.

NUSG uses their allocated money to fund student activities, recreation sports, student clubs/organization, and campus projects. To find prior year projects, check out Senate’s page.

Budget Breakdown for 15-16

For questions or ideas regarding the NUSG budget, please contact NUSG Vice President of Finance, Jelsy Gundao. For more information about Senate, contact NUSG Executive Vice President Samantha Quigley.

Campus Ministries : Funds designated to Campus Ministries are distributed to ministry program areas.  These funds are used for specific outreach events, missions events, as well as honorariums for chapel guests, musician guests, and chapel  maintenance and technology.

NUSG and Campus Ministries Student Leadership Scholarships: Over 50 student leadership positions are funded solely through the student activities fee.   Through these scholarships, students are enabled to step into high commitment roles and develop leadership capacities through service to the NU community.

General Expense Fees: This pays for the Eagle Fitness Center, Student Center maintenance and attendance for home athletic games for students.

Activities: The activities account goes towards funding student led activities held by NUSG!  Annual examples of these events include Talent Show, tailgates, Roomies, TGIT, movie nights, harvest party, Christmas party, and the block party.

Evening: Evening is NU’s annual spring formal event that is held at the end of the school year. This budget goes towards funding all associated costs of Evening including venue, food, décor, performances, entertainment, photography, and any other expenses.

Media Relations: This budget covers promotional advertising for events and activities organized by NUSG. This includes elements such as creative software, posters, and tickets.

Rec Sports: The Rec Sports budget is divided into the three area: Adventure Recreation, Intramurals, and Eagle Spirit. A major portion of this budget is used for funding hikes and other outdoor activities through Adventure Recreation. The other major expenses include compensating intramural referees and Swoops, our NU Eagle Mascot.  The remaining funds go towards Eagle Spirit Activities such as purchasing spirit giveaways for games and tailgates.

Student Leader Training: Training is vital for our student leaders, and this budget allows for our student leaders to be fully equipped to serve.  Funding provides for a broad range of individual and team development initiatives.  In preparation for yearlong leadership, this budget also facilitates an annual retreat that is required for the NUSG executives and chairs, Campus Ministries Student Leaders, and Residence Life.  This funding also provides for leadership training experiences throughout the academic year, including meals and housing costs associated with leaders returning early to campus.

Senate: This budget is specifically designated for Senate to facilitate campus initiatives as representatives of the associated student body.  Through writing proposals, senators are able to fund student ideas. This includes renovations to student spaces and lounges, as well equipment or services that make campus more enjoyable for students.  A few examples of past Senate funded projects include NU’s disc golf course, volleyball court, and commuter lockers.

Miscellaneous: The miscellaneous budget is for general intra-office expenses as well as team outings or travel expenses. Some expenditures include purchasing the “It’s On Us” shirts as well as encouragement cards for others on campus leadership teams.

Talon: The majority of Talon’s expenses go to providing scholarships for The Talon team of writers, photographers, web designers, and other student positions.  A smaller proportion of funding is associated with publication, software, and tech equipment.