Student Senate Elections

We are excited to announce that Student Senate Elections will now be held in the Spring Semester according to Article II of the ASNU Student Senate By Laws!

The following positions will be available for the Spring Elections:

  • Gray/Beatty Living Area
  • Apartments/FIRs Living Area
  • Off-Campus Living Area
  • Sophomore Class
  • Junior Class
  • Senior Class
  • At-Large (represents entire student body)

The positions of GPC Living Area, Freshman Class, and the second At-Large will be elected in Fall 2017.

Student Senators represent the concerns and wants of the students to the Student Senate. They are directly representing student voice and are concerned with correct and efficient communication between students and administrators. 

Would you like to know more? Check out the Student Senator job description: Senator Job Description

Want to apply? Fill out the application and turn it in at the NUSG Office located outside of Perks Lounge: Student Senator Application

Important Dates:

• Campaign Meetings (attend 1): April 17 at 6pm, or April 22 at 1pm
• Campaigning runs April 22 at 2pm until election results
• Senator Candidate Panel April 25 at 7pm in Perks Lounge
• Elections online all day April 26
• Run-Off Elections April 27

*** Note: No Mandatory Meeting on April 22 ***

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