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JobSearch lists paid job and internship opportunities for current NU students, up to 30 hours / week.
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Current Opportunities

  • Alumni (Full-Time) (36 Jobs)Positions for NU graduates looking for full-time employment.
  • Business Internships (10 Jobs)Paid Business Internships
  • Business/Computer/Office (12 Jobs)Accounting, Banking, Cashier, Clerical, Collection, Data Entry, Mail Clerk, Management, Human Resources, PR, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, etc.
  • Child Care (85 Jobs)Nanny, Day Care, Nursery, Occasional Babysitting, Mother's Helper, Live-in, etc.
  • Custodial (1 Job)Commercial, Church, Housecleaning, etc.
  • Driving (4 Jobs)Bus, Chauffer, Deliveries, Routes, Valet, etc.
  • Federal Work Study (No Current Jobs)Non-religious majors or minors and students eligible for Work Study only.
  • Food Service (9 Jobs)Banquet, Busing, Cashier, Cook, Food Prep, Deli, Espresso, Dishwasher, Fast Food, Hosting, Serving, Supervisor, Institutional, Waiting, etc.
  • Health Care (6 Jobs)Companionship, Elder Care, Care Giving, Retirement/Leisure Home Assistant, Live-in, Nurses Aid, etc.
  • Manual Labor/Mechanical (6 Jobs)Carpentry, Car Wash, Electronic Repair, General Labor, Automotive, Moving, Packaging, Painting, Plumbing, Yard Work, Warehouse, etc.
  • Manufacturing/Merchandising/Sales (3 Jobs)Assembly Line, Production, Station Attendant, Cashier, Sales, Counter Service, Inventory, Mailing, Stocking, Telemarketing, etc.
  • Part-Time Ministry (10 Jobs)Youth & Children's Leaders, Nursery, Music, Custodians, Assistants, etc.
  • Security (2 Jobs)Event or Facility Security, etc.
  • Specialties (3 Jobs)Arts and Entertainment Setup, Audio, Athletic Clubs, Golf Course, Motel, Hotel, Marina, etc.
  • State Work Study (2 Jobs)Non-religious majors or minors and students eligible for Work Study only.
  • Summer Employment (15 Jobs)Part time, Full time, Business, Computers, Office, Teaching, Driving, Health Care, Child Care, Custodial, Food Service, Manual Labor, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Security, Sales, Youth Activities, Ministry, Specialties, etc.
  • Summer Employment: Non-Local (2 Jobs)Summer opportunities for students who are willing to travel outside of the Puget Sound area.
  • Teaching (22 Jobs)Kindergarten, Pre-School, TESL, TA, etc.
  • Youth Activities (4 Jobs)Athletic Activities, Camps, Clubs, Groups, Youth Leader, etc.

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