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Business Intership in Ministiry

The business internship is a two part; event planning and marketing. During the summer months there are many opportunities to collaborate with the other interns to create events that will make the church, and school more visible, these events are also to help blur the lines between the two.
Each month the school does a large event for outreach. This is to meet and make relationships with the people in the Maple Leaf community. The job of the intern will be to take the necessary steps to make these event happen. Much of this will be in assistance of the Fairview employees.

• Upkeep the social media presents for all ministries
o Church
o Youth
o School
• Assist the PTF in fundraisers, outreach events, and social events
• Give opinion and thoughts on website and social media presents.
Possibly helping with child care
• Covering for people when they need time off
• Communicating with parents, and staff
Event Planning
• Work with staff to get block party ready (usually happens in September).
• Help to plan Thanksgiving activities
• Monthly outreach activities that the church does in the Maple leaf and Greenlake communities.
Assist in keeping Google Apps Calendar and Documents Updated.
Attend Staff Meetings
Meet with other interns biweekly to collaborate on events and fundraisers
Assist in keeping up with all legal documents pertaining to the daycare center
Assist the administrator

Strong Communication Skills (both verbal and written)
Positive Personality
Proficient with computers, internet and email
Able to take Initiative
Project Oriented
Able to work well with others
Efficient and Flexible

More Details

  • Date Range: Year-Round
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Hours per Week: 15
  • Pay Rate: 15/hr
  • Location: North Seattle

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