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Visitation Monitor

SUMMARY OF WORK PERFORMED: Provide support services to foster families, transport clients to and monitor visitations.

1. Provide support services to foster parents and youth assigned to caseload. Caseloads range from 5 – 15 youths, based on need and acuity. Duties include but are not limited to: independent living skills and social skills development, in-home support to foster parents, assistance in linking or maintaining youths to community services such as educational or occupational commitments or activities, and one-on-one supervision of foster youth if deemed necessary.
2. Remain with the children at all times during the visit and assure their safety.
3. Terminate the visit if parents become inappropriate, are intoxicated or bring unapproved people with them to the visit.
4. Document observations during the visit and assure parental compliance.
5. Report to the assigned Case Manager through verbal and written communication.
6. Provide additional support services to children, as deemed appropriate by supervisor.
7. Participate in trainings and Visitation Monitor and program meetings.
8. Prepare clinical reports in a timely manner.

1. Educational and experience requirements:
a) Bachelor’s degree in a social services or closely related field from an accredited school; and six months of documented (paid/volunteer) experience directly working with children and families.
b) AA degree in a Human services or closely related field, or two years of completed coursework toward Bachelor’s degree; and one year of documented (paid/volunteer) experience directly working with children and families.
c) A High school diploma or GED and two years of documented (paid/volunteer) experience directly working with children and families.
2. Must be 21 years and older.
3. Must have experience in child safety and assessment, problem-solving and crisis intervention.
4. Must have 2 hours of blood borne pathogens training in the past 5 years.
5. Experience with children, preferably in the area of child care and development, social work or social psychology.
6. Adequate written and oral communication skills.
7. Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record as required by Olive Crest’s insurance carrier.
8. Reliable vehicle and current proof of automobile insurance.
9. Entry level computer skills.
10. Criminal record clearance.
11. Ability to intervene in a physical way during crisis situations with minors up to 18 years of age.
12. Adequate vision and hearing to be able to supervise clients properly.
13. First Aid/CPR/HIV certification.
14. Flexibility in terms of range of hours and days/times of visits.
15. Exceptional ability to communicate clearly and effectively through verbal and written correspondence, in timely manner, with other professionals involved in the assigned cases.
16. Employee must have a philosophy of support for at-risk children and families in line with the mission, vision, values, and statement of faith of Olive Crest.

More Details

  • Date Range: Year-Round
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Hours per Week: 25
  • Pay Rate: DOE
  • Location: Bellevue

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