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Part Time Worship Leader Internship

Calvary Christian Assembly is looking for an intern who wants to learn and develop as a worship leader. We are an older congregation in the process of turnaround. Working under our Worship Pastor, Tim Wicks, we want to be able to give you opportunities to develop in the following areas:

- Developing Vocalists and Instrumentalists
- Leading Music
- Scheduling Teams
- Planning Services
- Learning Leadership Skills
- Writing, Arranging, and Producing Music
- Learning the basics of running sound

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to be the main worship leader at a church. It will mean some grunt work along the way. It will also give you valuable experience in both modern and traditional music.

Job Description:
Music/Worship Internship Expectations

- Sundays
Attend Sunday morning service. Arrive early (7:30am), stay late (1:30pm). Help with setup. Help with teardown. Be a part of the Worship Team twice a month. Work in the media booth once a month. Lead worship once a month.

- Meeting with Pastor Tim
On a designated day each week, meet with Tim to discuss ministry, pray, and come up with ideas. Keep a journal of what was discussed in these meetings.

- Office hours
Spend 3 hours per week in the office doing planning, calendar work, filling out paperwork, etc. Keep track of hours in your journal.


- Plan a service once a month using Planning Center. This includes picking songs and the proper arrangements, sending out invites, setting up Pro-Presenter, etc.
- Attend leadership meetings. Assist when needed. Lead the meeting once a quarter.
- Attend Big Church staff meeting once a month. Tuesday mornings.
- Call all worship team members. Go through the roster once a month to see how they are doing and to touch base with them.
- Work on writing, arranging, and producing your own music for the church.

- Keep a journal of dates and hours worked as an intern. This should include activities, meetings, Sundays, etc.
- Come up with goals for this year that can include some of the following ideas:
Numeric Growth
Leadership Training/Recruiting
New Groups?
- Read books assigned by Tim.
- Begin to utilize your strengths. If you have a strength in a certain area, ie: music, drama, computers, sports, etc. you should find ways to use them. This will be a continued area of discussion.
- Be prepared to do a fair share of “grunt work”.

- Dedicate yourself to reading and memorizing the Bible, to prayer, and to listening/meditation.
- Tithe… non-optional.
- Love God, love people, do the right thing.
- Look for opportunities to serve others outside of the church.
- Get away once a quarter just to be by yourself.

- Passion for Jesus Christ and the Bible.
- Studying Music.
- Desire to be involved in ministry.
- Ability to use both Mac and PC.
- Teachable attitude and a love for all music styles.
- Loves a challenge.
- Reads sheet music and chord charts.
- Must be able to sing well. Instrument a bonus, but not required.
- Likes to have fun.
- Ability to attend staff meeting on the first Tuesday morning of each month.
- Familiarity with Old Hymns and Modern Worship Music.

More Details

  • Date Range: Year-Round
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Hours per Week: 16
  • Pay Rate: $250/month
  • Location: Roosevelt Neighborhood of Seattle

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