Friends and Family Referral for Adult Evening Program

Recognizing your valuable referrals are helping to grow our non-traditional programs, Friends and Family referral gifts are available to NU students and alumni who refer new students to our Adult Evening and Online programs. Students entering the NPP program are not eligible because of its already generously discounted tuition rates as well as our NPP scholarship program, available and administered by our NPP partner churches. NU faculty and staff are not currently eligible for this program.

NU student or alumni referring new students who matriculate to our Adult Evening or Online programs will receive a $200 Amazon gift card. Once new students have started their first week of class, they will be eligible to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. All parties must complete an I-9 form.

For further information, please email


CAPS Office Location

We are located in the Building down the street from main campus at 6710 108th Avenue NE, driveway/parking lot is directly west of Metropolitan Market. All NU CAPS staff is on the third floor.