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The Writing Center for CAPS classes is now located on the main floor in the Hurst library; hours are Monday through Thursdays from 2:30 to 6:30 pm. We want to help you improve your writing & to be a self-sufficient confident writer by providing you with attention, tools and time to facilitate the writing process.

On Site Tutoring: You may sign up for a Writing Center session with Robin Severson by simply clicking on “CAPS Writing Tutor Schedule” and following the instructions. Please call the Academic Success Office at 425-889-5227 if you are going to be late and if you cannot make your appointment, remove your name from the schedule: CAPS Writing Tutor

Online Tutoring:Online support will remain tutoring in nature, and will not operate as an editing or proof reading service. Reading or editing simply for commas or other grammatical elements is not within the parameters of tutoring.

Microsoft Software

You may download the newest software versions from Microsoft (see link: Microsoft Software). This is offered at no cost to you.

Parking Permits

Vehicle registration must be done for student vehicles annually: click on My Parking.  Once students have purchased their vehicle registration, parking permits will be mailed to you by the CAPS office..

Student Printing Needs

If you need to print your documents while on campus, you may do so.  Printing balance purchases are non-refundable.

  • CashMinimum purchase of $5.00 (125 pages) Visit the Library Circulation Desk or the Cashier”s Office (Davis Building).
  • Credit CardMinimum purchase of $10.00 (250 pages) Visit the Cashier’s Office (Davis Building) before 5:00 pm weekdays.
  • Student Account 

NU Vocation and Occupation Center

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You should apply for graduation before you start your third semester of your cohort classes.  Graduation applications are available through the Registrar’s Office  /Forms and Resources/Application for Graduation.  Once the Application for Graduation has been submitted, a graduation audit will be conducted to inform you of the classes you have left to take in order to graduate.  All course work and graduation requirements must be completed by the summer graduation date in August in order to walk at Commencement in May. Please direct questions to the Registrar:

Other Writing Resources

NU Counseling Center

Counseling Services: 425-889-5282


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Microsoft Software

You may download the newest software versions from Microsoft (see link: Microsoft Software). This is offered at no cost to you.

Student Disabilities

Students with diagnosed disabilities that require special accommodations in the classroom:
Student Disability Policy

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