Cohort 1

Cohort 1! Our pioneers and leaders of the program! We are excited to see what is in store for you next. As you move into the dissertation phase of your program your course work starts to change. Classes will often look more like independent studies emphasizing your dissertations, rather than like Cohort experiences.

What you should be taking next:

This is just a template! Please refer to your degree plans to finalize what classes should be next.

FALL 2020
LDRS 8963 Dissertation Writing (Full Semester)LDRS 8731 Research/Teaching Seminar (Session A)
LDRS 8943 Dissertation Research (Session A)
LDRS 8943 Dissertation Research (Session B)


Information from Dr. Creps about upcoming classes:

LDRS 7373 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership Research

This course is open to Cohorts 1 and 2. It is based on the International Leadership Association conference, November 5-8, 2020 in San Francisco. (The ILA is still deciding whether the conference will be in-person or remote). Students are required to travel to the conference if it is held live, or participation remotely if it is not. The professor is Dr. Ben Thomas and the syllabus is on Discovery. You’ll register and pay for this class as you would any other. While your schedule shows it as lasting a whole semester, this is just an accommodation to the schedule of the event. You register for the class in the usual way at the beginning of the semester, then attend the conference. Dr. Thomas syllabus will inform you about the assignments, which are no greater than any other CFLS class. We’ll talk more about these experience in July.

Session A

LDRS 8731 Research/Teaching Seminar

This course is an independent study designed for CFLS students to earn credit by serving as a Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant for one of our professors, or for completing a significant piece of research under the direction of our faculty. The nature of the course is flexible. Registration requires the permission of the professor prior to the semester. The prof becomes the faculty for the course.

Sessions A & B

LDRS 8943 Dissertation Research

This course is an independent study for which the student’s dissertation chair serves as the professor. In the absence of a Chair. The focus of the class is the student continuing research on their dissertation in consultation with their Chair.